The Serbian strategist dawned the spirit of the heroes of Slovenia

The Serbian strategist dawned the spirit of the heroes of Slovenia

« We did not play as a team, a lot of shots were forced, we wanted to return to the match in every way with individual solutions and in the end it cost us the victory », he missed after the defeat to Bursaspor (73). : 81) In the first Eurocup match, the opportunity was taken over by strategist Cedevita Olimpija Jurica Golemac, who wouldn’t sleep comfortably in the following days either. The list of injured players goes on from match to match.

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Cedevita Olimpija remained without revenge and first victory, fears for Golemec



On Wednesday, Cedevita Olimpija basketball players got stuck in the first serious test of the new season. cast Joris Golemek In Stožice, after an unconvincing performance, they had to admit to outperforming last year’s European Championship finalists, Bursa of Turkey, which was also the executioner of Ljubljana’s team in the previous season’s quarter-finals. « We knew that this would be our first strong match. We saw that we were not right in the other matches either. Against Bursa, we didn’t have good scorers, but at the same time we didn’t look for the right solutions in attack, we didn’t pass enough and didn’t run. » Enough and we expanded the games. There were very few penetrations in the basket and a lot of singles play, » Gulymak summed up what happened on the field in his first game. Comment after the match.

At the same time, the coach of the winners of the Slovenian Super Cup is facing more and more problems, as he was injured in the match with Bursa. Marko RadovanovicHe had problems with the stomach virus Allen Omec. « We deserved to win for Bursa, we weren’t really good, we weren’t right. We had problems with the players, for Umea we didn’t know until the end if he would even play because he had problems with a stomach virus. The day before the match he was vomiting. « He had digestive issues, he wasn’t in training, he had an injection. He did his best anyway and I have to congratulate him because he was ready to play. We showed that we weren’t aggressive enough and physically strong. We didn’t play as a team today, he lost. » We were forced to make many throws, we wanted to get back into the game in every way with individual solutions and in the end it cost us that victory,” Golemak is convinced.

Golemac about the situation in the team (Video: Planet):

First defeat of the new season

Thus the Ljubljana team experienced its first defeat of the new season, unlike the Super Cup matches with Helios Suns and the clashes in the ABA League with Split and Borsi, this time there was no scorer. They scored ten three-pointers out of 33 attempts, and the gap under the basket was also noticeable in the rebound, which the competitors won in a ratio of 41:34. “Bursa plays a very strong and physically fit basketball. We were not ready to play basketball quickly today, and eventually Radovanovic got injured, we had problems with the jumps. The few times we got back into the game, it was because of good defense and quick games.”

In the second quarter, the 21-year-old brought a glimmer of hope in the home team match Rock Radovich, who made a positive impression with seven points in less than five minutes on the ground, then asked to be replaced, but did not step on the ground again in the second half. « Radovic hasn’t trained for 20 days yet, but in the second half the players in his position played well, so we decided he wouldn’t play anymore, » said Gulymak, who didn’t get a good night’s sleep. days.

« We’re really missing three or four players per training session, » says Gulymak.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

« I already said before the game how frustrating it is that we haven’t trained together since the start of the season. It would be the same for the Red Star game. We can’t train as hard as we would like. In fact, we’re missing three or four players in every training session. Something. What the players have already lost during the preparations, and then a day before the match with Omic. Surely Matkovic and Radovanovic will not even be in the match against Zvezda, so it will be very difficult, but we have to stick together, and work forward, because the season will be very long,  » Gulymak is convinced, who is already looking forward to Sunday’s match with Crvena Zvezda in the ABA League. « Zvezda is a very physical team, they play very physical basketball, even more so than the Bursa, and it would be very difficult if we didn’t run and open up and pass, » Golymac said.

“We still have a lot of work to do, we are a new team and we have to find a way to come up with a recipe for better games,” Muric said.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

Muric: This was probably our worst performance so far

Even the captain did not hide his disappointment after defeat Edo MuricWho was among the best members of the host team with 10 points and 11 rebounds. « Sure we are sorry for this loss, we were together all the time but in the end they played smarter so we have nothing to do, we will move on. We know we didn’t play our best game, maybe it was our worst performance so far but Crvena zvezda is already waiting for us. Sunday. We still have a lot of work to do, we are a new team and we have to find a way to come up with a recipe for better games. We are used to scoring a lot of points, especially in Stožice. We will have to play better, especially in defense, in the end, we got On a few easy three-pointers and here’s the difference. Bit, who was immediately punished by the opponent, who became a dad for the second time last week, said Muric, who became a dad for the second time last week. But there will be many more opportunities. »

Alimpijevi blew the soul of Cedevita Olimpija

In the end, Bursaspor deservedly won, leading most of the match and overcoming his rivals in most elements of the basketball game. After the match, the Bursa strategist was convinced that the balance could still tilt the other way Dusan Alimpejevic.

After the victory, Dusan Alimbejevich said that the scales could swing to one side or the other.  |  Photo: Gulliverimage

After the victory, Dusan Alimbejevich said that the scales could swing to one side or the other.
Photo: Gulliverimage

“It was a tense and difficult match for both sides. I think both teams have a good squad with some individual names who can change the course of the match themselves. We saw a lot of ups and downs in the match from both sides. Even if Cedevita Olimpia won the match, he was well deserved. We were more poised, took a few more shots, but both teams were missing some key players.Olympia was great shooting with three points in the first games, they didn’t have their best day today, but we did an excellent job in defense. Wish good luck to Sedevita Olympia in the rest of the competitions, where we have an excellent relationship with the club,” the 36-year-old coach said after the match. .

“I see this Cedevita Olimpija formation very competitive in the European Cup. I think Joventut is the main favourites, Gran Canaria also has very good players in Group B, as is the case with Venice in our group. The other teams also have a chance for the higher rankings, I would like To also mention Promitheas. Coach Golemac has been working in Ljubljana for several years, the skeleton of the team has remained the same, but they have added some good players who are good at throwing. I think so, « Olympia will play better and better in the European Cup, » concluded the Serbian strategist. .

Cedevita Olimpija: Bursaspor, Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida:


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