Golem was distracted by looking too frequently for individual solutions

Golem was distracted by looking too frequently for individual solutions

Allen Umec gritted his teeth.  His performance was questionable because he had a stomach bug.  The day before the match, the Cedevita Olimpija midfielder received an intravenous dose.  Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

Allen Umec gritted his teeth. His performance was questionable because he had a stomach bug. The day before the match, the Cedevita Olimpija midfielder received an intravenous dose. Photo: www.alesfevzer.com

In a repeat of last season’s European Cup quarter-finals, two old friends from recent seasons met at the opening. « It would not be undeserved even if Cedevita Olimpija wins,The visiting coach explained at the press conference Dusan AlimpejevicWho found after April a recipe for victory over the dragons again. This time the lay-up should have been stopped as best as possible from the home team’s distance. The Serbian expert on the Turkish bench, who also emphasized the good relations between the two clubs, also confirmed that in the first three matches of the current season, the Ljubljana team scored 15 three-pointers per game, with a very good shooting rate. His subjects managed to limit their number to ten, but they were only 28% successful.

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Cedevita Olimpija started the season in Europe with a defeat

As Golemak said before the opening round of the European Cup, in April against Bursaspor, the champions of Slovenia played at a much worse level than they played in that period, but again the Turk crocodiles He is fully prepared for the deduction and successfully implements the set plan. In the Slovenian Super Cup and the first two ABA Tests, the Dragons were very accurate from a distance, but this time they were playing against their strongest opponent so far in the season, who did a very good job defensively. In the first half, he only allowed 31 points for the hosts, who shot 5/20 from behind the line in the first half of the match, as many times as the home team at Stožice in one quarter.

The guests immediately punished low concentration and aggressiveness

Cedevita Olimpija is certainly very competitive in the European Cup. I think my first favorite after the names is Joventut. In the second group, Gran Canaria is dominant. In our group, Venice is also at the forefront in terms of budget and names. These are the three main candidates, and everyone else, including us and Olympia, has an equal chance of achieving first place. I wouldn’t write off the Promitheas who made a very good team. Olympia is quality. Golemac has been here for a while and has implemented his own system. Important players such as Ferrell, Murić, Omić and of course the injured Dragić were kept and quality boosts added to them. Adams and Harrison are very good shooters. He will be a serious contender in the European Cup. In the ABA, she has already shown that she can play very good basketball.

Dusan Alimpejevic

“For sure, the Bursaspor defense did its job. It was a really difficult first match for us. This time we did not have snipers in such a good mood as is usually the case. At the same time, we did not look for the right solutions in attack and sufficient passing. We did not expand the game and did not We run enough.We weren’t physical enough.There were too few breakouts under the basket and too many odd solutions,The first man in Olympia’s career numbered mistakes of a kind. The guests had the initiative practically the whole time. The home team only had a moment in the second quarter, when the dragons were on the wings Josh Adams Above all roka radovic After a 15:20 deficit, they took the 25:20 lead. The 21-year-old from Domiel, who came back from injury and played under five minutes, scored seven points in the series and then asked for a substitution, but didn’t step on the floor again.

« Rock didn’t train, and he knows. He was looking for a replacement. In the second half, the guys in that position played really well, so I decided not to put him anymore, » Golymak, who gets a lot of headaches with injuries, explained, but this time he didn’t have a cheerful individual on his squad who could drag his teammates behind him. Bursaspor immediately responded to the aforementioned chain. He managed with a partial score of 13: 1. Cedevita Olimpija at the start of the second half, when he got two consecutive rebounds in attack. Edo Muric Contributing a total of four points in the follow-up action, he took the lead, but was followed by a new quick reaction from the visitors, after which the basketball players from Bursa no longer found themselves behind.

« We’re sorry for this defeat. We were near the end, but in qualifying our opponents played smarter. We didn’t flow in attack. We should have played better defense too. We had three easy throws at the end and that was when they failed. Concentration decreased, intensity decreased. Aggressive too, which they immediately punished. It was our worst performance of the season. On Sunday we have Crvena Zvezda waiting for us and we have to learn something from this game and we have to do. We will definitely not make such mistakes again. The team is new and we have to work to be better and we will find a recipe for victory. ,‘ said Muric, who has been with this season ever since Jake Blacha He inherited the captain’s badge.

Matković’s absence is well known

« They were better every 40 minutes. We tried to catch them, but we couldn’t. We didn’t play the way we wanted. We weren’t aggressive enough and didn’t share the ball well. Physical basketball, we weren’t ready to play that way. We didn’t have Enough power especially under the hoop. We didn’t know before the match if Allen Omic would play, because he had a stomach virus. We lacked rotation to be more aggressive under the basket. We had problems with our jump and then we couldn’t try to find Individual solutions, which cost us the win,Golymak added.

The Turks were also fatal in the first round of the European Cup as well as in the qualifiers

The entire time, his ward had trouble breaking through the visitor’s defense. It has been observed that they play a lot by force and often finish attacks after unprepared actions, when they have no real solution. This was the reason for the delay after the first part, and ultimately also the reason why the scales swung in the direction of the visit at crucial moments. Throughout the second half, every time Ljubljana approached, Bursaspor found an answer, usually with an accurate three-point shot (three pointers 13/31), after Olympiejevic’s players played well on the goal line and found an open shot. On the other hand, local basketball players had to work harder for each basket. In the last two and a half minutes when Anthony Clemons He scored three decisive points, and the hosts had no response, but they completed the attack unexpectedly and very quickly with a throw from very difficult positions. In the end, the guests won by rebounding in a ratio of 41:34, and also collected five more assists. The Dragons had 15 this time, and that number was higher in ABA League wins.

On Sunday, a stronger squad will come to Stožice, as in the third round of the regional competition at 17:00 Zvezda, the defending champion of the Adriatic, will visit. Golemac still has a lot of problems with injuries. Next to Zoran Dragic, Who won’t be back until mid-November, can’t even rely on another game organizer Lovra Djindjic and centers Karel Matkovich. Above all, the absence of the Other is deeply felt, because Marko Radovanovic He is not a decent replacement for him, and on top of that, the Serbian basketball player was injured against Bursaspor: “Missing is Manjka Matkovic, which really gives us an extra level in the game. We were counting on this guy’s speed. He worked all summer. After the end of the season, he immediately went to the United States, and then immediately to the national team. We gave him a week off, but he came out of the European Championship injured. He didn’t train, but you saw against Split the kind of energy and motor skills he had for the job. But these are things that we cannot influence, and therefore we have to adapt to.« 

Bursaspor won again from Stožice in the qualifiers

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