The mystery that will defend in the derby.  What about Ilyich?

The mystery that will defend in the derby. What about Ilyich?

It’s time to finally win again in Stožice. That’s how they think of Maribor camp the day before the eternal derby. The last time was three years ago. The catalyst for the team is the return of first goalkeeper Ažbet Jug, who is already training with a full load. Coach Damir Krznar did not want to reveal if he would actually defend in Saturday’s game.

Albert Riera


Riera: You must lose! I’m glad we lost before the derby.



After Olympia, who spoke at length about the derby and club events in a long press conference on Thursday, the People’s Park of the Seventh Force opened in NK Maribor on Friday. The derby is more important to them, as they are 13 points behind the leaders from Ljubljana. “Maribor aims to win every game. It is a derby between the two best teams. Winning is what matters to us. Looking at the standings can distract us, it can have the opposite effect. That is why we are only focused on the game,” emphasized the purple coach. Damir KrznarWho will not be allowed to lead the match from the bench because of two yellow cards. This is how they will lead the eleven in the field Alice Mertley And the Mikhail Micic.

“Their offensive style demands respect. Until the match with Bravo, they were also very reliable in defence. They are a well-assembled team, where it would be a mistake to pay extra attention to any individual. We need a collective performance with stability in defence.” Similar to the Olympia coach Albert Riera He also didn’t want to talk about his opponent anymore. « We are focused on our game, on what we do well and what we need to improve. » As they always say before derby matches, this time the Croatian strategist said: “The schedule does not matter, the form does not matter. Anything can happen in a derby.”

South: The recovery was successful. I’m available for the team again.

Southern Obi |  Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Southern Obi
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

In Olympia, the first goalkeeper is close to returning Matvey Fedovsk. When Stožice FC did not score with him at the start of the season, he won. Also in People’s Park, where it was 0:2 in August. The Styrs wait longer for their first goalkeeper. Southern Obi He was injured last season but now he is training normally and after being suspended Bridger herself He climbed among the posts in the match with Cooper. “Now this unpleasant period is behind me and I am happy that I can be on the field again. After everything that has happened, I have the added motivation to write a new and successful story together,” stressed the 30-year-old.

Kerznar didn’t want to say who would actually defend in the derby. They are still here Marco Zalocar And the Mino Bergsonwho missed the last match due to an ankle injury. « We have to wait until the last training session. We have beautiful concerns. We don’t have bad problems, we choose between good solutions. I leave the first decision to the goalkeeper coach. The hierarchy is known, Jug is the first goalkeeper, Bergsen is the second, Zallucar and Predgar are the next two candidates in a battle Equal places in the team. All four are working hard, it’s a pleasure to let someone out of the team. Jug is our number one goalkeeper, and until he is properly prepared, Bergsen has the advantage. »

Southern Obi |  Photo: Vid Punicvar

Southern Obi
Photo: Vid Punicvar

“I’ve been training with a full load for three weeks, and I don’t have any pain in my shoulder. That’s the most important thing. With every extra training session and match, it’s understandable to feel the feelings of the goalkeeper that were there before. The recovery has been a success. I’m available for the team Again. It’s the coach who will decide who gets the chance. We have a tough job ahead of us in the derby, but I think we can start a new, successful streak and a change in the face of the standings, » said Jug.

First League Domzal Bravo


Popovic’s second spring to Selji’s victory, in Domcalli, just crosses

Zlatko Zahović


Zlatko Zahovic warns: Tragedy can happen



Watson, Milec return for a game or two

Reception on the occasion of Josip Ilicic's return |  Photo: NK Maribor

Reception on the occasion of the return of Josip Ilicic
Photo: NK Maribor

Defender returns to Maribor squad after injury Max Watson. He’s about to come back Martin MellickBut he won’t play in the derby yet. « Milik is already in the squad, and I think we will be able to make time for him to play in the next matches. I’m optimistic, maybe already in the cup next week, » said the coach. He will be absent on Saturday due to a muscle injury Vladan Vidakovic. to performance Josep Ilicic But she will have to wait. « He has issues with his Achilles tendon. That’s a little hurdle we have to be careful about. He can do most of the exercises. I expect and believe we’ll be able to count on him in two or three weeks. » The Nigerian striker is still waiting for the baptism of fire for the current champions Isaac Kayode for Raveo.

Jan Ribas |  Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Jean Ribas
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Maribor has won only three league derbies in the previous four seasons, losing the first one this season. He last won Stožice in September 2019, when it was 2:4. That’s when he scored two goals Rock Chronfighter. He was replying to this thread Jean Ribas: “We know that we were not very successful in the last derby, especially in Ljubljana. But we want to change the result curve. We know the gap is big, so we will do everything we can to win the match. But the championship is still a way away. Every team has ups and downs. Hopefully our drop will be the match against Cooper. » Yes, just like Olympia, who lost 1:6 to Bravo in the last round, Maribor also came to the derby with a defeat record.

Cooper has with Eurogoal Shan Benedic He won with 1: 0. The match was interrupted due to the inappropriate behavior of the fans, that is, after some controversial refereeing decisions of the Maribor team. The penalty has already arrived: Maribor will play its home match against Domžale on October 22 in Round 14 in front of the empty stands.

Olimpija Igor Barišić


And the Olympia director is horrified by the inaccuracy: the media, why such hatred?



Premier League NK Maribor FC Koper


Punishment for accident: Maribor will have to close the gates of People’s Park



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