A new level of convenience and productivity - Philips introduces three new USB-C monitors with webcam

A new level of convenience and productivity – Philips introduces three new USB-C monitors with webcam

Modern professionals more easily adapt to new technologies. With constant changes in work rhythms, spaces and styles, Philips introduces a new series of models designed to meet these dynamic needs.

new screens Philips 34B1U5600CHAnd the 24B1U5301H And the 27B1U5601H It offers a wide range of features that ensure convenience, productivity and convenience in video conferencing in any workplace, prioritizing communication and multitasking.

Feature guides

  • 5MP Webcam with Microphone Noise canceling and dual built-in 5W speakers for flawless video conferencing
  • USB 3.2 High speed data transfer protocol
  • screen port Output for connecting additional monitors
  • built in KVM key For easy switching between sources
  • It also offers 27 and 34 inch models USB-C Docking Station With RJ45 and power up to 100W
  • PowerSensor For up to 80% reduction in energy costs
  • SmartErgoBase For convenient and comfortable adjustments
  • 100% recyclable packaging materials

Philips Monitors is committed to providing professional users with everything they need to get the most out of their workday. The 24B1U5301H, 27B1U5601H and 34B1U5600CH provide a powerful feature set for maximum productivity at home or in the office, while ensuring user comfort and convenience by introducing technologies to enhance virtual collaboration and multitasking. An additional benefit that will reassure many people is the fact that these models are economical and environmentally friendly.

A professional ally every day

The Philips 24B1U5301H, 27B1U5601H and 34B1U5600CH monitors are designed to make every task easier, delivering bright, vibrant, quality images that will satisfy even the most demanding CAD-CAM connoisseurs, 3D graphic designers or photographic professionals. All three models feature crisp images and ultra-wide viewing angles of 178/178 degrees, thanks to either IPS (24-inch and 27-inch models) or VA technology (34-inch models). In addition, the 34B1U5600CH and 27B1U5601H models offer CrystalClear Quad HD technology to deliver high-quality visuals.

Connectivity and multitasking are a priority today, thanks to innovative technology such as a single cable USB Type-C docking station that enables simultaneous high-speed data transfer, networking and laptop charging, or the integrated MultiClient KVM switch that allows users to control two separate PCs with a single monitor and panel setup. keys and mouse, giving them the ability to switch between sources with the touch of a button. DisplayPort output is another feature that simplifies the workday by allowing users to daisy-chain their work equipment and work with USB 3.2 for faster and more complete output of peripherals on the side while reducing clutter.

Collaboration, whether in person or virtually, is made easy with all three models thanks to features like the built-in 5MP webcam, microphone, and noise-canceling speakers. While the microphone and speakers ensure clear communication, the webcam protects users’ privacy with a physical key and is equipped with advanced sensors for fast facial recognition and Windows Hello security.

And since long hours at a computer can quickly take a heavy toll, whether you’re working from home or in the office, new models offer ergonomic visual comfort in the form of a tilt, swivel and height stand and TUV Eye Comfort certified to reduce eye fatigue. The models also have PowerSensor to reduce energy costs by up to 80% and LightSensor for optimum brightness with minimal power.

The Philips 24B1U5301H, 27B1U5601H and 34B1U5600CH will be available from the end of October at recommended retail prices of €439, €549 and €759, respectively.

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