Sony ZV-1F

Sony ZV-1F

Yesterday, Sony announced the new ZV-1F camera. It brings the creative power of vloggers, easy video blogging features, advanced communication and eco-friendly features. This makes it the new default choice for vloggers and creators who want to take amazing photos and videos. The pocket-sized camera is optimized for video recording with the latest Sony technology, making sure the content really stands out.

ZV-1F main features:
20mm ultra-wide angle fixed lens[i] F2.0 for selfies.
– Background blur and face priority auto exposure make your subject stand out.
Improvement of skin tone, including the possibility of skin smoothing.
Ultra-accurate focus and autofocus for human and animal eyes[ii].
– Image stabilization (electronic) active mode when recording videos[iii].
Creative Look preset options for exceptional visual expression.
– Ability to record slow and fast clips for more creativity.
Prepare product presentation to record product demos and tests.
– Enhanced touch screen features with zoom in/out and touch zoom functions[iv].
Clear audio recordings with 3-capsule microphone and wind protection.
Recording in 4K 30p and FHD 120p.
– Easy smartphone connection to transfer content to social networks.
Environmentally friendly properties to reduce the impact on the environment.

“We designed the pocket-sized ZV-1F vlogger camera with creators in mind,” said Yann Salmon Legagneur, Director of Product Marketing and Digital Imaging, Sony Europe. “The audience demands high-quality content, so creators need a versatile recording and imaging solution that allows them to create in high quality, and at the same time is easy to use and designed to transmit content wirelessly. We are also proud to include our ZV-1F camera. It is a major goal of Sony. »

Increase your creative power
The ZV-1F is designed to bring out the subject in any scene. This enables a fixed 20mm wide-angle lens that ensures perfect selfies and a wide angle of view for wider background coverage. In addition, the vlog camera offers the ability to blur the background when taking photos and videos, which highlights the subject even more and creates a nicer and softer look.

The ZV-1F improves skin tones in both still photos and videos, and an optional skin smoothing effect smooths and reduces wrinkles in videos and creates a natural skin tone effect in photos. The face-priority AE function automatically adjusts the brightness of the image during recording so that recorded faces illuminate optimally – even in cases where the light changes during recording. The ZV-1F also features high-resolution autofocus and focus on the eyes of people and animals. With the latter, the point is that the camera always takes care of the sharp appearance of the eyes and the face of the subject, so that the focus and therefore attention to other events in the scene do not escape. When there are multiple subjects, the user can easily select another subject they want to focus on in the shot by touching the screen.

The next useful function is image stabilization. Active mode stabilization (electronic) is available when recording videos[v], ensuring that the recordings are stable and free of vibration even while walking. The brand new feature is Creative Look, which provides several preset options for adding atmosphere to photos and videos of different shapes, exposures, color depths and other creative effects. There are a total of 10 modes available that increase creativity and allow instant sharing of content without additional editing on a computer or smartphone.

The ZV-1F is also equipped with a mode for recording slow motion and fast motion pictures[vi]which can be used to slow down shots up to 5 times[vii] Or up to 60 times faster[viii] to achieve the desired effect. In addition to the picture, high-quality sound is also important for optimal content. That’s why the camera includes a three-way microphone with wind protection, which ensures clear voice recordings and less noise when recording in windy conditions.

A simple and compact device for recording vlogs
The ZV-1F is designed to be completely easy to use and intuitive, allowing video bloggers to focus on their content as much as possible. Weighs about 229 grams[ix]Which means it’s light and compact enough for everyday use anywhere, anytime. Features a rotatable LCD touch screen that controls functions and settings, including the ability to zoom in[x]so the use is really instinctive.

The new vlog camera features a background blur switch that allows users to quickly switch between a more or less focused background, which is especially useful when they want to make the face stand out. Of course, the function works when taking photos and when recording videos. Also of note is the Product Showcase setting, designed for recording presentations and product tests, which allows for a seamless transition of focus between the speaker face, the product, and the self-timer.[xi] and recording light, which facilitates the creation of interesting and high-quality content.

Delivery and accessories
The new ZV-1F vlog camera is optimized for use with a smartphone. With the new Sony Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™ app [xii] Users can connect the camera to their phones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and easily transfer photos and videos to share on social networks.

Even during the recording itself or when reviewing photos on the camera screen, they can also take advantage of the photo tagging option[xiii]Thus speeding up the process of their selection and deployment. Moreover, there is also the option to crop and upload only selected clips of 15, 30 or 60 seconds duration[xiv] Featured portions of recordings on smartphone for live posting without additional trimming to the appropriate length. Imaging Edge Mobile Plus™ also allows you to manage some camera settings such as date, time, and location. Through it, users can also access support guides and download software updates. The possibilities offered by connecting the camera to a smartphone are even more: the mentioned application also allows you to control the camera remotely and check the battery charge and available storage space.

ZV-1F can also be used as a high-quality live broadcast device[xv]. With the appropriate video conferencing application or similar software, the ZV-1F can be converted into a high-performance webcam when the user connects it to a computer or smartphone using a USB cable.[xvi]. The ZV-1F is compatible with the record holder GP-VPT2BT[xvii] With a wireless remote that provides wireless control of zoom, recording and more, it expands into a handy mini tripod for hands-free shake-free shots. For clear sound recording, an external microphone can be used, which can be easily installed on the accessory for additional equipment[xviii].

We support a sustainable future
The ZV-1F is designed with the environment in mind. It has built-in eco-friendly features and technologies that help create a sustainable future. For the manufacture of the camera and accessories attached to it, such as the newly developed wind shield[xix]Recycled materials are used[xx]including SORPLASTM plastic[xxi], which adapts to a long service life. In order to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, non-woven fabrics of vegetable origin are used.

Prices and availability
The new ZV-1F will be available from the end of October at a number of Sony authorized distributors. The expected retail price is 659 euros.

[i] Converted to 35mm format.
[ii] Only when taking pictures. It does not work in all types of animals.
[iii] When using active mode, the image is slightly cropped. Active mode is not available when shooting at 120 (100) fps in normal or slow motion and fast motion modes.
[iv] Users can choose between 1.0- / 1.5- / 2.0- / 4.0x magnification to quickly change the viewing angle. Full HD recording uses clear image zoom at 1.5x and 2.0x magnification, and digital zoom at 4.0x magnification. 4K recording uses Clear Image Zoom at 1.5x zoom and 2.0x and 4.0x digital zoom.
[v] When using active mode, the image is slightly cropped. Active mode is not available when shooting at 120 (100) fps in normal or slow motion and fast motion modes.
[vi] XAVC S HD format is used for slow motion and fast motion recording. Voice recording is not possible. An SDHC/SDXC Class 10 or faster memory card is required. To record at a bit rate of 100 Mbit/s, a memory card of UHS Speed ​​Class 3 or higher is required.
[vii] Slow motion and fast motion recording with 120fps capture and 24p recording.
[viii] Slow motion and fast motion recording with 1fps capture and 60p recording.
[ix] Approx. 229g (camera only) or approx. 256GHz battery and memory card inserted.
[x] Users can choose between 1.0- / 1.5- / 2.0- / 4.0x magnification to quickly change the viewing angle. Full HD recording uses clear image zoom at 1.5x and 2.0x magnification, and digital zoom at 4.0x magnification. 4K recording uses Clear Image Zoom at 1.5x zoom and 2.0x and 4.0x digital zoom.
[xi] The function is not available when recording videos if the user presses the MOVIE button in photo mode.
[xii] Imaging Edge Mobile Plus is available for download from Use Imaging Edge Mobile Plus version 1.0 or later.
[xiii] There are two types of clip tags: Clip Tag 1 and Clip Tag 2.
[xiv] Depending on where the mark is added to the clip, the length of the cut portion of the clip may be shorter than the specified length.
[xv] When streaming via USB, the resolution is 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second.
[xvi] To use this feature, your PC or smartphone must support UVC and UAC standards. These phones include the Xperia Pro, Xperia 1 II, Xperia 1 III, Xperia 5 II, and Xperia 5 III running Android 11 (as of October 2022). Use the latest version of the operating system. When connecting to a mobile device with a USB-C connector, use a commercially available USB cable or adapter.
[xvii] Sold separately.
[xviii] The accessory jack on this model does not have electronic contacts, so it does not support external flash playback, audio input, etc.
[xix] The windbreaker is made exclusively from recycled polyester. Depending on production time, recycled polyester may not be available.
[xx] Depending on the production time, recycled materials may not be available to manufacture the parts.
[xxi] SORPLAS is a trademark of Sony Group Corporation. SORPLAS is a sustainable flame retardant plastic developed and supplied by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation.


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