Ilka tuhec: I cried at Olympia

Ilka tuhec: I cried at Olympia

for Elko Štuhec It’s an emotionally exhausting year. At the Winter Olympics in Beijing, she faced one of the biggest competitive failures. The jump to the top of Olympic skiing didn’t go according to plan. It took her some time to gather herself. Only in Olympia, Greece, did she have a semi-Olympic match. « It was really such a disappointment. I thought I was finally going to go to the Olympics. But sometimes completely unexpected things happen. You never know when you’re going to hurt yourself. And then I went anyway, not with my head through the wall, but from Through three walls, so with this back I thought I could still do something. « I tried, but it didn’t work, obviously the Olympics aren’t for me, » the two-time downhill world champion said in the interview.

She thought about the end of her career

“It took me a while to put it to me honestly. In the middle of summer and now back in Greece, where we also visited Olympia, and the place where the Olympic flame is lit every time, she was really crying and dating and she’s fine,” she described her Olympic reconciliation process when she was reflected That’s in China in February also on whether it’s worth continuing. When asked if she has finally given up on her Olympic dreams, she said, « The next Olympics will be at my favorite place in Cortina d’Ampezzo. I wouldn’t dare say if I’m going or not. We’ll see how it goes, there’s still a long way to go. »

Changes in the team

Elka, who will turn 32 on October 26, parted ways with the Swiss coach after three years at the end of the season Stephen Abplanalp. It also changed its ski manufacturer, switching from Swiss Stöckli to Austrian-Czech Kästle, which was also signed by the Czech Olympic champion in giant parallel slalom and Super-G alpine skiing. Ester Lydica. « I know Esther, she’s a great girl, but she’s a completely different skater, and I’m so glad we’re in this together, » said Utohiva. « Changes are risky, but sometimes necessary when there is too much of everything and you don’t feel like anyone else really believes in the way you do. »

Ilka is in very good shape less than a month before the start of the season in fast practice in Cervinia under the Matterhorn. « Very few things have changed, which has given some extra momentum, extra, I wouldn’t say hope, but faith, so it looks good at the moment. »

Mom continues to play a crucial role

From the very beginning, her mother has been a part of her ups and downs Daria Arenkowho still plays a crucial role in her small team, as a former skier, born in Ljubljana, works as an assistant coach. Marko Vukičević. He also participated last season under the Serbian flag. « My mom has been the same for several years, » Ilka jokes. “We are on the road a lot, we have happy moments, we go through difficult moments, at some point you might feel bad, that’s enough, you need something new, you feel very comfortable. Then changes must be made. You always think that this is the best, then it may be true And it might not be. Anyway, I’m excited and ready, you always need the support of those around you, and other people who show that too, not just saying that you’re moving forward in a positive way.” She believes in a new success story, because with her new plant she’s She also got « the support anyone could ever want. »

She will do her best

“I didn’t set myself any specific goals, of course I am aiming for the World Cup, but other than that, every match is important, I want to give my best in every one, but in the end it turns out to be the case. But I know that if I am comfortable, it is It is entirely possible for me to achieve the set goals. This is the main reason why I insist on it.” According to her mum Dargah, Elka’s real skate pose, which has featured in her two best seasons, 2016/17 and 2018/19, shows that she is satisfied with her new skates. « You can see that I get to know the skates, that I trust them, that I love what I’m doing again, and I think that’s also evident in my body language. »

Ilka tuhec, who has 17 podium places at the World Cup, including nine victories, was 21st at the Women’s Downhill World Cup last winter, and was 53rd overall. In 2017, she was the second best player in the World Cup, and only then was she better Michaela Schiffrin.

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