It's tennis time.  She is convinced that she still has something to show.

It’s tennis time. She is convinced that she still has something to show.

Eugenie Bouchard, the fifth female tennis player in the world, admitted that the past year and a half have been the most difficult of her career. Despite all the troubles she’s had in the past, she’s confident that she’s back to normal and has something to show for it.

Eugenie Bouchard


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Eugenie Bouchard She ranked fifth in the world in 2014 after shining in the biggest tournaments of that season. She reached the final at Wimbledon in 2014, while she reached the semi-finals at the Australian Open and the French Open in the same year. After that, her sports career declined, and in the end she was not spared from injuries. In fact, she is another one of those players who lost on average after major tennis successes. She attracted attention mainly with her photos on the covers. At the tournament that was held in Romania, Bouchard talked about her return to the stadiums and the problems she is experiencing.

Her goal is to play as many matches as possible in the future.  |  Photo: Gulliver/Getty Images

Her goal is to play as many matches as possible in the future.
Photo: Gulliver/Getty Images

It was psychologically difficult for her

“The last year and a half has been the hardest for me in my career. I’ve never had surgery before and psychologically it was really hard. It was a test of my patience and it wasn’t going to be easy. But it showed a love for tennis. I never wanted to stop though I had to rehab. Ideas creep into why I did it but there was never any doubt I wouldn’t go back. My first goal was for a player who has only won one championship in her career said ‘Being able to play without pain, enjoy and get back as quickly as possible. « .

Her goal is to play as many matches as possible in the future, and she already sees her game on the rise. In fact, her goal is to be able to play normally next season. « I didn’t know what to expect. I came back faster than I expected and I’m happy with my game. »

It is believed that she showed her ability to play against the best players in the world

Before the tournament in Romania, where she had to give up the match, she played in Ostrava. She made it to the playoffs there, but lost to Belinda Bencic in the first round. “I didn’t feel satisfied in the first matches, because training is something completely different from the match. Although I played well in the drills, it was difficult to transfer it to the matches. But now that I have played more, I can see that my game will be back. Against Belinda “I felt that I should have won, so I was disappointed. However, I showed that I can fight on equal terms with the best players in the world, » the 28-year-old tennis player explained today.

In Romania, I lost the match again

At the tournament held in Romania, Eugenie Bouchard lost the match in the first round. Days ago, she injured her hip while training. She tried everything to play the match, but because of the pain, she had to give up the match. After the surrender, Bouchard said, « I had an MRI that didn’t show anything serious. I thought I would be able to play but things got worse during the match. In order to avoid a serious injury, I preferred to give up. »

Eugenie Bouchard often found herself on the covers of magazines.

She was one of the most promising actresses, but then …

During her long rehab, we haven’t seen many photos from her training sessions. She only mentioned here and there that she was making progress with her rehab, but other than that we could mostly see pictures from parties and receptions.

It seems that sometimes for one of the most promising actresses, soon after all these successes, the main priority became modeling or shooting with photo lenses. She suffered an upset situation in August at a tournament in Vancouver, where they I used a completely inappropriate image for approval. She herself accepted her with humor, after which they gave her a dependence more appropriately.

The tennis match and hard work was more and more on the sidelines, which was also reflected in the results. Many people today wonder why they don’t see this energy in her on the tennis court. During her rehab, the Canadian actress also tried herself as a professional commentator.

She played in five tournaments this season. She reached the furthest point of the tournament in Chennai, reaching the quarter-finals. She also tried her hand at the US Open, but failed to qualify.

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