The superiority of Olympia (numerical and field) in the derby was crowned with a penalty kick in the 92nd minute.

The superiority of Olympia (numerical and field) in the derby was crowned with a penalty kick in the 92nd minute.



The gap between the two eternal opponents is now 16 points after Ljubljana’s 11th win in 13 matches. The Dragons, who had not lost to Maribor at home for more than three years, also increased their supremacy at the top by winning the derby, with the first stalker Cooper equalizing. They are now eight points ahead of Primorye and Selge.

Vidovšek remained undefeated upon his return

Returned to the gates of Ljubljana Matvey Fedovsk, who last defended on August 20. Discover the opening season is still undefeated in the first league. In his seventh match among the Slovenian elite, he had little to do, as Maribor managed only three shots, and none of the attempts were hit on target. The inhabitants of Ljubljana were more dangerous. In the first half, when there were really few chances, they won some at the end.

At that time, even the defending champions had one less player, who was kicked out for a foul Sven Shostaric Karic. The red card was given after the intervention of the video assistant referee, as was the penalty kick at the end of the match. Nemanja Mitrovic He played with his hand in the penalty area after a shot from Kvesi, who also scored from the penalty spot.

Derby in Stožice: red card, flares and – goal by Kvesi

Shostaric Karic was sent off at the end of the first half

The two teams’ match was totally torn throughout the first part. Olimpija took the initiative on the field, but the visiting footballers put good pressure on the home team’s backline, which led to problems building an attack. However, in the 25th minute, the two dragons managed to play the purple defense when they came together so beautifully Cevit Ceslar and Kvesic. found this Mustafa Nokicwho scored, but the Olympia striker was deep in an illegal situation.

After less than half an hour of play, and because of the torches lit in the north among the Ljubljana fans, there was a break for several minutes, which stopped the rhythm of the match significantly. However, the first big chance came at the start of extra time for the referee. Kvesi after a missed ball Gregor Sikochko Found on the left side Roy Pedro. The Portuguese tried a diagonal shot. Southern Obi He was on the spot, but Ceslar was unable to hit the rebound into the net.

When the eighth minute of extra time of the first half had already passed, Sešlar sent the ball into the middle from the right side with the outside of his soccer boot. Nokic ran, hit her hard on the edge of the penalty area, and ran wide. At the beginning of the procedure, Roy Pedro passed, but Suktaric Karic knocked him to the ground. After the VAR intervened, that became the case Dragoslav Beric The Maribor defender showed a direct red card to start with a sole. After that, the Portuguese was offered another opportunity, and again he was in the position of Jug.

Kvesi decided after Mitrovic’s hand

With another player, Olimpija’s attacks intensified. In the 53rd minute, she opened up a lot of space on the left side for Rui Pedro, who made a poor pass into the middle. Then another interruption occurred due to the torches, and after the meeting resumed, the hosts became more and more dangerous. There were more and more passes from the left, as Rui Pedro and Kvicic were active, and after they hit the field Almdin Zeljkic. In the 72nd minute, from the edge of the penalty area, Kvesi shot in the middle, the ball was an easy prey for Jug.

On the next attack, Ziljkić penetrated into the left side, fouling Andra ini Then I found Roy Pedro. The Portuguese shot, but Sikošek stopped Ljubljana’s progress on the goal line. A few moments later, Zelgic sent a cross in front of goal. Sešlar was higher than Sikošek in the jump, but hit the post with his head. The 84th minute was going when Zelgic sent another dangerous ball into the penalty area. Sešlar stretched it to the right side, where it was cut off Samuel PedroBut the South reacted perfectly.

Three minutes later, when Maribor made one of the few attacks in the second half, it opened up plenty of space on Kvicic’s left side on the other side. He overdid it Kronavitra handThen he was shot, and Jug was in place. But the VAR intervened, as the ball hit Mitrovic’s hand after the shot. After watching the video, Peric pointed to the white spot. When it was already the 92nd minute, Kvesi took charge. Jug chose the right side, but the shot was too powerful.

Cooper and Jorica shared points

Gorica took the lead, and Cooper drew

In the coastal encounter at Bonifica, Cooper and Jorica finished without a winner (1:1), with the hosts once again taking second place. The home team, because of a penalty Zoran Zelikowicz led by assistant Denis HalilovicShe took the lead, but her net shook first. The tenth minute passed when Jošt Urbanči broke through on the left side and passed to the center, where Alexander Rajcevich Just leave enough space Etienne the GreatWho struck from the first and defeated the weak Adnan Golubovich.

Five minutes later, he also had to catch the ball from his net Urus Likarbut it was Bright Edomwonyi In prohibited mode. Gorica’s goal in the 22nd minute, which he scored, was also disallowed Alessandro Ahmetaj, who also found himself in an illegal situation. Visitors could have increased the feature after 2 minutes, but Zvonimir Petrovich The goal was saved on a counterattack. It was the 33rd minute in a row when Filikonji hit the crossbar with a free kick.

The hosts got off to a great start in the second half. The changes paid off immediately, because she did Luca Campec He sent a good cross from the right in front of the door where he was Dennis Sirovak He overtook Idomoniyi and scored the first goal in the Premier League with a header. In the following, Cooper had the initiative, but the outcome did not change. Meanwhile, it was also hot in the home penalty area, after a huge foul by Golubovich. Allen Cragging He searched for Filicunga in the penalty area, but he was in his place My Mittendorfer. Then Serovic stopped a dangerous attempt on the other side Rudy Pože Vancaš.

First League Telemach, round 13

Olympia – Maribor 1: 0 (0: 0)
8000; Kvesić 92. / 11-AD
RK: Šoštarič Karič 45. + 11 / Maribor

Olympia: Vidovšek, Karamatić (70./Ziljkić), Crnomarković, Ratnik, Estrada (53./Lasickas), Doffo, Sešlar, Elšnik, Kvesi, Rui Pedro, Nukić (80/ Samuel Pedro).

Maribor: Jug, Mitrovi, Uskokovi, Šoštarič Karič, inič (97./Brnić), Sikošek (97./Rafiu), Antolin (91./Boži), Repas, Kronaveter, Tolić (73./Vipotnik), Baturina (73./ Vipotnik), Baturina (73./Rafiu) Gorico).

Judge: Dragoslav Peric (Krani)

Cooper – Gorica 1:1 (0:1)
700; Idomoni 46. Easter 10

dill: Golubović, Pavlovi, Rajčević (46./Mittendorfer), Novoseelec, Palčič (46./Kambič), Benedii, Correia (46./Osuji), Požeg Vancaš, Kajinović (80./Jašaragić./Kolobaric).

Gorica: Likar, Siroc (56. / Agic), Serovic, Mivlia, Urbancic, Ahmetaj (71. / Bashir), Ancra, Petrovich (71. / Herca), Marinic (40 / Lebanon), Kranic, Velikunga (71. / Vekic) .

Judge: Allen Puruchak (Lower Duplex)

Sunday 5:30 pm:
Mora – Calcer Radomli

Friday accounts:
selji – CB24 TABOR SEŽANA 1: 0 (1: 0)
794; Popovic 45. +1

Domjil – Bravo 0:0
652 viewers

OLIMPIJA            13 11 0 2 25:15 33
KOPER               13  8 1 4 20:11 25
CELJE               13  7 4 2 20:15 25
MARIBOR             13  5 2 6 21:19 17
MURA                12  4 5 3 20:19 17
DOMŽALE             13  3 6 4 17:18 15
BRAVO               13  4 2 7 14:12 14
KALCER RADOMLJE     12  2 5 5 11:21 11
GORICA              13  2 4 7 11:18 10
CB24 TABOR SEŽANA   13  1 5 7  9:21  8

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