The Olimpija rushes to the fall title, and Maribor reads the book

The Olimpija rushes to the fall title, and Maribor reads the book

The Olimpija rushes to the fall title, and Maribor reads the book

On the last episode of the football radio podcast Žoga je rondula, the second eternal derby of the Slovenian Championship was on top. Olympia won the field with a penalty kick in the last minutes of Saturday’s match.

Caught Reera Krznar

Boštjan Janeži I attribute Ljubljana’s victory mainly to the Spanish coach to Albert Riera: “During the match, Riera changed his lineup. When Lasickas sent into the match instead of Estrada, he played with three defenders, then on the other side Karamatic replaced Ziljkić and played again with four, one of whom was practically on the wing. On the left, Ljubljana players played higher, and sent Vibrant zeljkis balls into the penalty area. Riera reacted well again during the match, although the Maribor team knew that Riera often did not stick to the system of play and that they also had enough quality staff to be able to do so. »

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Rera: We wanted three points, but our opponent didn’t

After the match, Reira emphasized that under his leadership, Olimpia is a team that always plays with three points and, regardless of the opponent, tries to challenge its mistakes. In Stožice, Maribor again took a somewhat defensive stance and accepted a secondary role, which probably upset many purple supporters. Jože Pepevnik He thinks so Damir Krznar Like the coaches before him, at least in part who were forced to take part in such a game: “Against Olympia, it is clear that Maribor has to play this way. In front of other clubs, they have the advantage of quality or their match. But it is not about the quality of the players as much as it is about the specificity. After the match, Olympia played at high speed because Maribor have Tolic and Kronavitra, who are difficult or reluctant to run after the ball.The people of Maribor have a good team for the Slovenian League, but it works as a well-read book.It is known what to expect from these players, how to prepare for them.Olimpija at least in an unpredictable team It is often used in the Slovenian context.

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Successful slug at home

Olympia is now sixteen points ahead of Maribor, but conditionally it is best to follow Cooper and Selge, who are six points behind. In this round, the people of Kober tied on their land with the people of Guri, and the people of Selji beat the people of Sishan 1:0 in their seventh consecutive victory on their land.

« A very important victory for Selge, he fought hard. Once again, Selge won for individual quality, with a superb free kick from Popovic. » Think Marco Serman. « You can’t even see any tactical patterns with Selji, it’s hard to tell how they’re going to play. Every time some guys jump, Janjicic, Popovic, Ikwoemisi. Without the latter, it’s very difficult for Selje to score goals, coach Pilipčuk also sat down with Gbamble. Because of the bad match against Mora this time. That’s why the team had problems creating against the low-ranked Tabor. Changing the goalkeeper is also unusual, Ukrainian coach Rosman sent the good to the bench and put Raduha in the goal for the first time this season. It is true that the intentions of Selge’s owners are clear, for them it would be more interesting if he played a goalkeeper ten years younger than him. »

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The superiority of Olympia (numerical and field) in the derby was crowned with a penalty kick in the 92nd minute.

Daku is definitely the number one goal scorer

As far as people are concerned, he also stands out in the Slovenian Championship Merlind Duck. The 24-year-old Kosovo striker is the league’s top scorer with ten goals – he scored two against Radomli on Monday – and is already four goals ahead of his Mullahs.

« For me, Merlind Dako is currently the best footballer in the league, » Mure striker Joe Pepevnik explains. “Not only because he is the top scorer. I said the same already in the second half of last season. He contributes a lot to building Moura’s actions, he is not just a striker who scores goals and is waiting for the final. Celta Vigo is said to be interested in him if an agreement is reached between the clubs – He’s still on loan from Osijek – everyone will be satisfied with him, and maybe Mora won’t stand in his way. It’s true that Damir Ountala is very dependent on Daku and needs him urgently, at least for a while. If nothing else, then until he can Strengthen himself on the coach’s chair again. »

In this episode, Omisje also talks about VAR derby decisions, the relationship between the Green Dragons fan group and the Olimpija management, Celje goalkeeper changes, and the Europa League derby, and three quiz questions follow in the final part of the show.

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