Mobile game development?  Check out why it should be published on the AppGallery

Mobile game development? Check out why it should be published on the AppGallery

Most game developers start their journey with a lot of passion. So many have been inspired by the great game in their youth that they have set themselves a special purpose in their life. To sign the next match that will go down in history. But let us not be under any illusions. Days of simple development are followed by days of routine work and overcoming obstacles.

A game developer should not ignore emotion, but he should not ignore reality either. It sure takes time to develop the engaging stories and characters and their powers. Game development can be a fun and creative work. Developers can achieve great popularity that brings them money and fame. But there is another side. They may find themselves under a flood of criticism from users and the professional public, who accuse it of taking too long to develop. As always, the truth is usually somewhere in between. Behind the scenes, the developer has always wanted to create the next big game, but most of the time is routinely spent writing lines of code, fixing bugs, and improving graphics.

Developers must understand that the game they are participating in is just a small fish in a pond of three million fish. Namely, the number of apps for Android that compete with each other for the benefit of users. The average user downloads less than two hundred of them and does not use them regularly, which means that 99.99 percent of them never reach their goals.

The dark side of game marketing

This imbalance leads to the war for user acquisition and at the same time increases the cost of promotion. Even when developers accept it and pay for it, they still can’t sleep peacefully. Next comes the challenge of how to retain users.

So the challenges for developers or game publishers are obvious. How can the best possible visibility be achieved on the chosen distribution platform – the mobile app store – and how to improve revenue? There are no easy answers, but there are options worth taking advantage of. Among them is Huawei’s AppGallery, which has 480 million monthly active users, 45 million of whom are in Europe. Outside of China, it has seen a 3-fold increase in in-app payments year-over-year, a 20-fold increase in interest in casual games and a 3-fold increase in traffic, while a double in ad revenue.

How does Huawei achieve this? basic. The average revenue per app store willing to pay user (ARPPU) is $200 in Germany, $159 in the UK, and $100 in Poland. However, this is a potential income source that developers can take advantage of.

The next big challenge is how to integrate the game into the distribution platform. Some may find this process difficult, so Huawei has done its best to simplify it. Games can be ready to publish to the AppGallery within minutes. To make the integration of new games and collaboration with partners seamless, Huawei provides developers with solutions and assistance from local teams and dedicated business centers. They have access to specialized developer groups that improve and speed up distribution and provide marketing tools. There is only one condition. Games should not be created exclusively for the Play Store, because as it is known, Huawei has not supported Google Mobile Services (GMS) for two years.

Leverage Huawei’s ecosystem

Huawei is far from providing just a mobile app store or distribution platform, but a comprehensive and massively connected ecosystem of devices and apps. With promotional banner ads to be displayed on Huawei devices, developers can easily reach a multi-million base of users or promote their games through social media posts. In doing so, they highlight a comprehensive set of features and their benefits to encourage collaboration and build the Huawei community on behalf of partner developers. As if this were not enough, Huawei has also developed a complete system for monitoring gaming interactions. This allows developers to pay within an average of twelve days while at the same time reducing advertising costs.

Rationality in development is worth defending, but why should developers curb their passion for commercial requirements and recoup the cost of development when they can benefit from Huawei’s expertise in activation, monetization and user retention. or as he said Borut Vovk From Outfit 7: »The great game is just a stone in the mosaic of success.“Other parts, higher revenue, longer user interest and higher number of installs all help achieve Huawei.

An environment where gaming feels right at home

In addition to helping Huawei in marketing games, it also has excellent hardware that seamlessly supports games of all kinds. The latest Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Huawei nova 10 and Huawei nova 10 Pro phones are excellent for testing and playing games with their capabilities. In addition, the listed phones are also decorated with photographic capabilities. For example, the Mate 50 Pro offers an ultrawide aperture camera with a 50MP sensor and a 10-degree aperture with major advances in the optical system, mechanical structure, and image capture and processing technology. The nova 10 and nova 10 Pro phones take photography a step further with the front camera, which features, among other things, a 100-degree ultra-wide angle, autofocus, support for 4K resolution, and a 60-megapixel sensor.

There is another thing. On all Huawei phones, you can also install the standalone Gspace app through the AppGallery, with which you can access Google and other apps in the Play Store. Of course, also a large selection of games.

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