When Tavares scores, Maribor celebrates.  With up to 9: 0!

When Tavares scores, Maribor celebrates. With up to 9: 0!

In the second round of the Slovenian Cup competition, 64 clubs compete, including the best in the country. On Tuesday afternoon, Domkal beat Eleriga 3:1, while Maribor beat lower-league Limbusch-Bakery 9:0. The Almanija scored an even bigger victory with 11:0. On Wednesday, Olympia played a home game against Ivana Gorica. He will face cup champion Cooper Isola in the live derby. The draw in MNZ Ljubljana prepared the first league match between Radomli and Bravo.

Maribor has at least recovered a bit after defeating in Saturday’s League One Perpetual Derby. In the second round of the Slovenia Cup, they defeated Lembush Bekri of the fourth degree. It was 9: 0. Scored four goals Marin LausicThe Nigerian striker scored his first goal for Violet View Kayode Isaac, While the first member is 18 years old Marcos Tavares Jr.. The aluminum second division players scored the biggest win. The MNZ Premier League team defeated Ptuj ŠD Bukovci, seeded 11:0.

The first club to earn an appearance in the third round and thus ranked 32nd was Selge (as early as 28 September). In the second round, champions Slovenia from 2020 filled the net against their guest Slovenske Konjice without any problems at Z’dežele Stadium. They won 5:0 and were among the top scorers Gregor Bagdy (twice), Damian Voklishewicz, B Nene Jr. Gamble And the Teen Matic. Bagdi is the cup’s top scorer with eight goals.

Last week, Rogaska also qualified for the 1/16 finals led by Oscar Drobnett In the second league of the winning streak, Triglav and Pritov from Carniola.

Variable Cup Competition System

Cuper, who is defending the cup title this season, will face a live derby against lower league team Isola in the second round.  |  Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Cuper, who is defending the cup title this season, will face a live derby against lower league team Isola in the second round.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

In the 2021/2022 season, a total of 11 cup competition matches were played. Laurel won Cooper, who defeated Bravo in the final. There were not a few cup matches on the sunny side of the Alps during the period of national independence. Since there were very few teams (the top four representatives of Slovenia in Europe joined only in the second round), and one match was always played in the knockout stage, the cup fans couldn’t get their money back. The sensations, often an attractive guest appearance by the « giants » in lower league clubs, were missing.

This season is very different. The Universal League has adopted a plan to reorganize the cup competition, which is very diverse. Already in the first round, as many as 120 clubs played, including six from the First League. Specifically those who did not secure their appearance in Europe. So, the champion Maribor and cup winners Cooper, Olympia and Moura, who joined the cup competition in the second round, rested.

Gorica was the first team in the league that did not rise to the opening challenge. Facing the neighborhood, after the 11-meter penalty shootout, they were eliminated by Vibava, thus ending the cup competition unexpectedly quickly.

In the first part of the competition, in the preliminary round and the opening rounds, the regional key competitions are within each MNZ, so the outdoor matches are not far apart. Well, from the third round onwards, when there are 32 more clubs in the laurel, it will be drastically different.

The National Health Service decided the aforementioned changes in order to increase the spread of football. Even in places where football is not played at the highest level. Thus, if the champion is in the first division, he will have to play at least six matches for the cup title next season. In case he did not play in Europe, even seven. That’s immeasurably more than what Cooper and Bravo, finalists in the Cup last season, endured.

Josep Ilic


Josip Ilicic surprised and impressed the young aspirants in Ljubljana #video

Slovenia Cup Round Two:

Wednesday, September 28:
selji : Dravinga 5: 0 (1:0)

Wednesday 12 October:
Selji Champion 4: 2 (2:1)
Presence of a jury: Triglav Kranj 0:2 (0:0)
high : Pritophos 2: 3 (1:1)

Tuesday 18 October:
Primorye : Toulmin 3: 1 (2:0)
Sorry : Illyria 1911 3: 1 (1 🙂
Maribor : Marlis of the house of Lembusch Baker 9: 0 (5:0)
Aluminium : Bukovci 11: 0 (6:0)

Wednesday, October 19:
15.00 Isola – Cooper
15.00 Alvar Gianni – Mora
15.00 Calcer Radomelli – Bravo
15.00 Krka – Letiga
15.00 Rodar Velingi – Presis 1919 Terme Čatež
15.00 Show me Tabor 69 – Roltech Dub
15.00 Adria – Fama Vipava
15.00 Radinska Slatina – Rakišan
15.00 Oven – Veržej
15.00 Čarda Martjanci – Serdica Kleparstvo Šinko
15:30 Fužinar Vzajemci – Jurovski Dol
15.30 Turniše – Odranci
15.30 Malibu Pannonia GA-KA – Hotiza
15.30 Sij Acroni Jesenice – Tinex Šenčur
16.00 Sežana – Komen . camp
16.00 Zafro – Apache on Dravsko Polje
16.00 Sirkulan – Polskava highway. graveyard
16.00 Kety Emmi & Impol Bistrica – Senila Senica Oplotnica
16.00 Podvinci – Bosch Brači Videm
17.30 Olympia – Ivana Gorica
17.30 Premium Dobrovce – Korotan Prevalje
18.00 Polana – NAFTA 1903
18.30 Ljubljana Bales – Zagori

Thursday 20 October:
15.00 Otto Rajeh for Jotomir – Bletinci Clima Tratengic

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