Is Slovenia in danger of a telecom eclipse?

Is Slovenia in danger of a telecom eclipse?

We wrote that a harsh and long winter could put Europe’s telecommunications infrastructure on the line. Many European countries do not have sufficient backup systems to handle large-scale power outages, which increases the potential for mobile phone outages.

Do we have enough backup systems in Slovenia to deal with power outages that increase the possibility of mobile phone outages?  Photo: Marco Fest

Do we have enough backup systems in Slovenia to deal with power outages that increase the possibility of mobile phone outages? Photo: Marco Fest

The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused turmoil in world markets. Since the beginning of the conflict, world prices for the main raw materials, especially fuel, have risen sharply. The war created uncertainty about the reliability of the energy supply. Russia, which has long been Europe’s main supplier of fossil fuels, cut gas supplies to many member states, to which Europe responded quickly.

The current rise in energy prices and disruptions in energy supplies are among the main issues that European leaders and the Council of Europe are dealing with. European countries are uniting and closely coordinating actions to respond to rising prices and imbalances in the energy market. The reduction in electricity consumption is expected to have a positive impact on electricity prices in Europe and thus on consumers’ energy bills. Countries will reduce total electricity consumption by at least five percent during peak periods, which will reduce the demand for gas used to generate electricity and thus contribute to lower prices.

How do we prepare for a possible telecom eclipse in Slovenia?

The war created uncertainty about the reliability of the energy supply.  Photo: Mateja Kotnik

The war created uncertainty about the reliability of the energy supply. Photo: Mateja Kotnik

European Union countries are trying to ensure that communications are not interrupted, even if a power outage drains spare batteries installed on the thousands of cellular antennas scattered across their territory. Europe has nearly half a million telecom towers and most of them have battery backups lasting about 30 minutes to power the portable antennas.

  • A1 Slovenia, a private provider of comprehensive communications services in Slovenia, is responsible for:

“We do not expect telecommunications in Slovenia to witness an eclipse, or to be included in a possible set of measures taken by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, in respect of which partial or full reductions will be introduced. As an operator, we are implementing measures to reduce the consumption of our devices, mainly through Introducing modern technologies with much lower specific electricity consumption, using solutions to optimize operation according to users’ needs and alternative energy sources.We have ensured uninterruptible power supply to the main systems.We use a variety of redundancy solutions for key sites that keep the grid working in extreme conditions.Systems contain The grid is on at least one backup power source that ensures uninterrupted operation temporarily.In addition, we rely on alternative energy sources such as auxiliary batteries, generators, solar panels and wind farms, which are not intended to cover long outages.Natural disasters such as floods and fires are a major test of preparedness. This year’s Karst fire, despite its large size and damage, did not cut power to major systems and was The consequences are minimal. » When asked whether consumers can expect any price increases, lan orthoperAnd PR also respond that they do not plan to change prices.

  • T-2 . company To create, develop and market communications and electronic equipment, be responsible for:

“As a telecom operator, T-2 is a vital manager of infrastructure. This means that we are part of a system of national importance in the Republic of Slovenia, and the interruption of our services will have a significant impact on our national security, the economy and other key social functions. Therefore, at the level of The company and with the support of state institutions, we will do everything in our power to prevent the eclipse of communications. We do not plan to increase the price of our services yet. « 

  • Telemach, a provider of paid video content, fixed Internet and mobile, is responsible for:

“At Telemachus, we are well aware of the importance of telecommunications, which has been confirmed daily for the past 2.5 years. Since the company cannot function without them, in our company we place great emphasis on providing our services flawlessly. Thus, we are constantly investing in our systems that ensure the continuous operation of the infrastructure and services We have a business continuity system, in this way we are adequately prepared for potential problems with the grid power systems In our central locations (data centers, hubs) we have batteries or UPS power supply and diesel generators We have batteries installed on the grid elements Local or UPS, in which we provide continuous power for several hours.In accordance with legislative requirements for business continuity, we have procedures and equipment in place that allow us to plug potential power outages at key sites.Our system will operate for at least four hours without electricity.At all critical sites we provide backup power with the help of diesel generators.

When asked whether consumers can expect any price increases, Greta ŠterHead of Corporate Communications and Public Relations answers: “Currently, we do not expect new price increases, but we are eliminating the benefit of users receiving an electronic bill (one euro per month for a monthly subscription), which subscribers to fixed services over the past two years. It has become a paperless business. We believe that during this time we have been able to further encourage our customers to use eInvoice, providing a simpler, more economical and more environmentally friendly method of payment.As an environmentally conscious and future-oriented company, we at Telemach will of course continue to enhance the digitization of our business and social environment, including Including the promotion of electronic invoices. »

  • Telekom Slovenije, a company providing comprehensive telecommunication services in Slovenia, is responsible for:

“At Telekom Slovenije, we have implemented a Business Continuity Management System, which is also certified according to the ISO 22301 standard. Accordingly, we are prepared and trained to provide key services and operations even in emergency situations; to a large extent, this was also evident in 2014, when the Slovenia for frost and we operated our network in areas where the power grid was down with alternative independent sources. Our network is the largest and strongest in Slovenia, and we are constantly checking both processes and the latest technology to ensure the smooth operation of services.” When asked if consumers can expect any increases in the prices , Catarina PrecerinThe Director of Corporate Communications answers: “In the event of a change in the prices of our services, we inform users in accordance with the law.”

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