He shouldn't feel obligated to save the Slovenian #video team

He shouldn’t feel obligated to save the Slovenian #video team

The first lady in Slovenia to ski in technical disciplines this winter will be Anna Pucek. « However, it will be important for me to focus only on myself and not feel obligated to solve the situation for everyone, » confirms the 29-year-old, after Andrea Slocar, Mita Hruvat and Tina Rubinick would not be injured at the start of Saturday’s opener.

Andrea Solcar


Only four in Sölden. How is the patient? #video



Anna Boucek |  Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Anna Boucek
Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Last winter, the slalom was the most successful Slovenian women’s race Anna Boucek And the Andrea Solcar He finished the World Cup in the top ten. Bokikova finished sixth, Slokar finished eighth, and won the last slalom of the season in Méribel, where the world championships will take place this winter. Slovenian girls were less successful in giant slalom. The best in recent years in this specialty dead letters She was in the top 15 only once, and ultimately number 20 overall, missing the last two games due to injury. Bokikova was the 23rd winter giant zigzag, Slokarjeva 30th and Tina Rubnik 31st.

Anna Boucek |  Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

Anna Boucek
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

With injuries affecting the Slovenian women’s national team, the start of the World Cup on Saturday with the giant slalom in Sölden will be cut short. They will only be at the beginning Anna Boucek And the Nigga Dvornik. Since Slokareva will miss the whole winter – it is not clear when Robnikova and Hrovatova will return – the burden of the outcome will fall on Bucikova. « The burden is as much as you put it on yourself. You can put it on yourself even if there are other girls, but you want to get past them. There is always enough competition to put the burden on yourself. But it will matter, » 29-year-old Primorca told Sportal and Planet TV. In « I just focus on myself and won’t feel like I have to solve the situation for everyone. »

When you witness the injuries of your national teammates, you realize the risks you take in the sport, Anna explains. “Especially the knees are the most damaged in skating. I think the girls have been well prepared, and have been working out their fitness all summer, just like me. It was an unfortunate set of circumstances. Unfortunately, they are all three knees. But I certainly wouldn’t say it comes down to the fact that The girls didn’t do enough in the preparation period. »

Andrea Solcar is there


It’s not a gift I want, but it’s definitely special



« It’s time to see where we belong »

« You can definitely feel the match coming. I really like the start of the season. The preparation period is long and that’s why I’m happy when we start. I think we’ve trained well and it’s time to see where we belong, » the really tough first race from Posikova on Saturday awaits the giant slalom ( 10:00 am). On the Rettenbach glacier last year, you did not see the target. She was the best here in the year before last, 20. She says this giant slalom is one of the toughest for skaters. “Sölden is a very long track, at a very high altitude. But this is my first winter race. The downhill is also one of the biggest for women, so it will be a real challenge, and that from the start. I think it will also depend a lot on the conditions. It will be necessary to drive very firmly, To « climb » this slope and not give in even to the apartment.

Winter is calling, sleds are ready, Anna Boucek announces on social networks:

Anna Boucek confirmed that the recent equally intense course training sessions at Val Senales were most welcome. And this must also be known in Saturday’s performance. « The course is full of different elements, and I think this year we have been able to do everything so that we can run the race with confidence. » In giant slalom, which isn’t her strongest activity, she wants to take a step forward this winter. “Giant slalom hasn’t been as consistent as slalom so far, but the results have been very good. This year, I hope there will be more consistency in giant slalom as well, to add something to the giant slalom. Certainly, slalom is still my number one discipline. « .

Dvornikova on the first points of Sölden

Nija Dvornik Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

Nigga Dvornik
Photo: Vid Ponikvar / Sportida

For Dvornikova, 21, Saturday’s performance will be her fifth on the Rettenbach glacier. You haven’t qualified for the second round yet. She herself says that she has never been so well prepared for the start of the season as she has been this year. Injuries are a thing of the past, she’s ready for her first points at Solden. “I am not bothered by the fact that only two of us will perform. It is terrible for me that there will not be three, but it does not change anything for me. I will focus on my leadership and my work. It would certainly be better if all the Slovenian women were in the beginning.”

Sölden Glacier Rettenbach


Sölden is ready, in Zermatt trembling historic slope

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