It has begun!  The champions put on their rings and outsmarted the Lakers.  #video

It has begun! The champions put on their rings and outsmarted the Lakers. #video

The new NBA season has begun. The title is defended by the Golden State Warriors, who defeated the Los Angeles Lakers without much difficulty on opening night, and secured the championship rings before the meet. Boston eliminated runners-up Philadelphia at home, and in the game, up to three players scored 35 points each. Slovenia will be represented by Luka Doncic, Goran Dragic and Vlatko Changar, who will make their debut Thursday night. On Wednesday, Dončić trained with Facund Campazzo for the first time.

Quarter-finals EuroBasket Slovenia Poland Luka Donjic


Dončić, Dragić and ančar before the main turning points



Luka Dongic


Was it Donči’s weakness in the past? This is what the last training showed. #video



Last season, the Golden State Warriors became the National Basketball Association champion for the fourth time in the past seven years, and for the seventh time overall in the competition’s history. They finished the regular season with a 53-29 victory, defeating the Dallas Mavericks 4:1 in the Western Conference Finals, and the Boston Celtics 4:2 in the Grand Finals. With an average of 31 points per game, he was named Finals Player of the Year (MVP). Stephen Curry.

Before the new season opener, when the defending champions hosted the star-studded Los Angeles Lakers in an engaging game, a traditional party ensued.

The heroes received specially designed championship rings, in which 43 images of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, also depicted in the franchise logo, were perfectly projected. Why this number? Because Curry scored 43 points in Game 4 of the Finals.

Awarding Championship Rings to Golden State Basketball Players:

If the day is going by anything, the Golden State Warriors will be doing very well this season as well. The champion beat his guest from Los Angeles 123: 109 to start in San Francisco, the title holder’s first star Stephen Curry But he was the top scorer of the match with 33 points. They made extra satisfaction in the eyes of Golden State fans Jordan Paul And the Draymond Green. When the latter hit her younger teammate in a fit of rage during training two weeks ago, much was said about whether she could continue to be on the same team. The duel against the Lakers proved that this was still possible.

Highlights of the meeting in San Francisco:

He stood against the guests LeBron James. He was only two passes away from the great three. After all, he is a 38-year-old player who could surpass the all-time scorer this season Kareem Abdul-Jabbar He finished first (needs 1200 good points per season), contributed 31 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists. Anthony Davis added 27 points, Russell Westbrook He contributed 19 points and 11 assists, but this was not enough to achieve a positive result. The warriors were extremely powerful, in addition to Carrie, he also shone in the attack Klay Thompson. Contribute 18 points in 20 minutes.

In Boston, he scored as many as three 35 points

The runners-up Boston beat Philadelphia at home in the opening game of the new NBA season. Leading 110:97 eight minutes from the end, then he did not give up the advantage. And in a meeting in which three basketball players scored 35 points, he won 126: 117. Boston was led by a temporary coach Joe Mazolawho stepped in to replace the commentator They have Odok. He had a sexual relationship with a member of the professional crew, and the Celtics, who caused a high-profile scandal before the start of the season, suspended him until the end of the season.

Boston match summary:

They each scored 35 points in this year’s NBA Finals Jason Tatum And the Jaylyn BrownVersatile for guests James Hardyn. The bearded star scored the most points since joining the 76th team last season.

The hosts couldn’t count on the injured position yet Robert Williams, so they played with a slightly lower body, forced the guests into 14 turns, and scored as many as 24 points on the counter-attack. There are only two guests from Philadelphia.

In the match, they remember the recently deceased legendary basketball player Bill Russell. He died on July 31, at the age of 88, and helped Boston win 11 titles in a wealthy career. A video highlighting it was shown on the big screen, and local players donned Russell’s previous six design on special T-shirts, the widow Jeanine Russell However, during a minute break in the third quarter, she gave a tearful welcome to the audience who gave her a standing ovation in honor of her deceased husband.

Donči has already trained with Campazz

Luka Dongic The season kicks off Thursday night, and the Dallas Mavericks officially revealed their latest addition on Tuesday Facounda Campazha. Complete your first joint training session with your new teammates. Dončić already knows him, having played together for Real Madrid five years ago.

Doncic and Campazzo were most accurate at the end of training, when they threw from behind the three-point line.

NBA, October 18:

Boston Celtics : Philadelphia 76ers 126: 117
Tatum (13/20 field goal, 12 reference) and Brown (14/24) field goal 35, Brogdon 16, J. Williams 15; Harden (5/9 three-pointers, 8 rebounds, 7 assists) 35, Embiid 26, 15 rebounds, Maxi 21, Harris 18

Golden State Warriors : Los Angeles Lakers 123: 109
Curry 33 (3 heads 4/13), 7 aces, 6 aces, Wiggins 22, Thompson 18, Paul 12, 7 aces; James 31 (12/25 field goal), 14 rebounds, 8 assists, Davis 27, 6 rebounds, Westbrook 19, 11 rebounds, Noun 13

Green color


The well-known penalty for the « brawler » in the NBA

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