The legendary Brazilian with a Styrian heart is full of pride

The legendary Brazilian with a Styrian heart is full of pride

Former Maribor captain Marcos Tavares was once considered the king of scorers. He pampered fans of violets, set new milestones, signed records, and at the end of his career, when he said goodbye to the audience at Ljudské vrt, his lifelong wish came true, playing with his eldest son Marcus Jr. Tuesday saw a new achievement in the Tavares era, the first goal of Marcos Jr., after which he made no secret of his pride. He was very happy as he shared his happiness with the audience on social media.



Coastal cupro derby, shooting practice for Olympia, Rudar and Tabor, and record-breaking Bistrica



Since the independence of Slovenia, there has never been a footballer on the sunny side of the Alps who has scored as many goals as he did in his rich career in Maribor. Marcos Tavares. The Brazilian, famous for his distinctive smile and big heart, ended his football career five months ago. He celebrated her with the title of National Champion, with another Canta, with whom he often spent a lot of time, but also with the realization that he joined his son Marcus Jr. in his last performance. His great wish came true, and there was no end in sight to his happiness.

The young man from Maribor took the opportunity

Tavares, 38, has dealt with challenges in the front office this season. He changed his football boots into stylish clothes, and now he follows Maribor matches as an assistant sports director. as a fan. On Tuesday he watched the cup match between Maribor and lower league team Marles of Limbusch Bakery. Violet was too strong for the League 4 team, which knocked them out with a high score of 9:0 in Ljudské vrt. The Croatian youth contributed about half of the goals Marin Lausica promising striker came to his account, and the Maribor club still counts on him for the future.

In the 65th minute instead Marco Bocic I entered the game Marcos Tavares Jr.Take advantage of the opportunity and join the scorers. Thus, the 18-year-old scored a goal in the first official match of the Maribor team and delighted his father. « Most of all, I miss the adrenaline. That feeling when you score a goal. When your son scores for the first time in the member’s team, the feelings are very close to the feelings I had. And of course, there is also a lot of pride. Proud, » he said on the social network NK Maribor and SNL’s #1 scorer on Facebook.

And so his son continued the shooting streak in a match watched by 1,500 visitors. Last weekend he netted NAFTA in a youth match, which Maribor won 4:0. Replaced Maribor youth team for the first time Tomac Petrovicwho left the position, led Daniel Scheric.

Krznar still believes in the double crown

Damir Krznar will try to beat Domkal on Saturday and break a two-game losing streak in the league.  |  Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Damir Krznar will try to beat Domkal on Saturday and break a two-game losing streak in the league.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

« The energy you showed in the first 90 minutes is what makes me happy. The boys who had the opportunity took advantage of it. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that the cup is always important. A club like Maribor has it for the seasons after the two championships. At the moment we are very far away. In the tournament, but we will not give up in the struggle for the top. But we will do our best to reach the end of the cup competition as well, « the lofty goals despite the recent defeat in the eternal derby against Olympia, after which the gap between the defending champion and the people of Ljubljana increased to 16 points, as he admits the coach. Damir Krznar.

On Saturday, the residents of Maribor will face Dumali in the first round. It will be played in front of empty stands, because of the penalty kick there won’t even be one Sven Shostaric Karic sports manager Mark Oller.

Sven Shostaric Karic


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Olympia Maribor


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