Golymak pointed the finger at the main reasons for the great defeat

Golymak pointed the finger at the main reasons for the great defeat

Cedevita Olimpija basketball players, who lost a few members when they were out of Romania, lost 76:94 to U-BT Cluj in the second round of the EuroCup regular season, who practically dominated the course of the encounter. Every time. This is the second European defeat for the people of Ljubljana.

Cedevita Olimpija has had a lot of problems lately, due to infections and infections with the Corona virus, and Sunday’s ABA League match against Crvena zvezda has been cancelled. They never traveled to Romania this way Yogi FerrellAnd the Carlo MatkovicAnd the Zoran Dragic And the Jan Cousywho resided in Ljubljana. Marko RadovanovicAnd the Rock Radovich And the Lovro Gengedic They traveled in line. The same Matic Rebicwho recently joined the team and is playing for Cedevita Olimpija for the first time.

Matek Rebic played his first match with Cedevita Olimpija.  |  Photo: Tine Ružič / Cedevita Olimpija

Matek Rebic played his first match with Cedevita Olimpija.
Photo: Tine Ružič / Cedevita Olimpija

The latter started the match poorly, in the first six minutes they got 20 points and found themselves in a deficit of -11 (20: 9), which they could not reduce until the end of the first ten minutes. Also a sequel to the proteges Joris Golemek Could not be better, the Romanian team led by +11 (28:17) at the end of the first 10 minutes, increased the lead to 20 in the second quarter, and went into the second half with a difference of 48:31.

Cluj opened the third quarter perfectly, getting up to +29 (62:33), but then the Dragons played much better and by the end of the quarter, on the wings of Josh Adams and Allen Omech, they came close to « only » 15 points behind. This continued to sting, after Aaron Harrison’s three pointer, Olympega trailed by only ten (60:70). But they did not allow the home team to shift, and quickly increased their lead again and quietly stopped the meeting.

He was in the best shooting mood during the 94:76 win Stefan Persevic (24 points), Leonardo Mendel Double Double (19 points, 11 rebounds). Adams scored 25 points (nine assists, seven rebounds), Umec scored 17, and Harrison scored 15 at Sedevita Olympia, as Golymak finished the match a few seconds before the end due to another technical error.

« Unfortunately, you can’t count on winning if you open the game very calmly and don’t play with intensity and intensity. We chased our opponents all the time. »
Photo: Gulliverimage

« If you open the game too quietly and don’t play with energy, you can’t count on winning »

“Unfortunately, you cannot count on winning if you open the match very calmly and do not play with strength and intensity. We chased our opponents all the time. We are back in the game, but unfortunately the players did not have enough energy and mood to be able to reach after the defeat,” said Golymak. At the end of the win. Cluj deserved to win. The fight and he stopped looking for excuses. We have to build on the second half because we have another tough test on Saturday. We have to keep our heads up and fight. »

Gallery of photos from the match (Photo: Tine Ružič / Cedevita Olimpija):


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European Cup, Group A, Round Two

Tuesday 18 October:
Venice: JL Power 73:79
Watt 19, Granger 15; Mike 17, Palmer 16, Floyd 15

Wednesday, October 19:
Litcapelles : Ulm 80:76
Morris 14, Goloman 13; Kristen 19, Hawley 13

Cluj-Napoca: Sedvita Olympia 94:76 (28:17, 48:31, 68:53)
Birčević 24, Meindl 19, 11 sc., Guzman 16; Adams 25, 7 goals, 9 assists, Omić 17, 7 goals, Harrison 15, Radovi, Jeremic both 6 each, Murić 5, Rebec 2

Bursaspor: Juventut Badalona 81:72
Needham 24, Bitim 18, Duverioglu 14, 13 sc. ; Tomic 16, GI 15

Brescia : Prometheus 104: 70
Cobain 18, Della Valle 17, Cornu 14; Stephens 13, Agada and Lypovyy 10 each

1. Bursaspor 2 – Fouzan matches
2. JL Borg 2 – 2
3 – Brescia 2 – 1
4. Cluj-Napoca 2 – 1
5. Juventut Badalona 2 – 1
6. Ulm 2 – 1
7. Litcapelles 2 – 1
8. Prometheus 2 – 1
9. Venezia 2-0
10- Sedvita Olympia 2 – 0

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