There is no turning back

There is no turning back

Months ago, she’s become the best cross-country skater in recent years Anamarija Lampic Somewhat surprisingly, she decided to switch to the biathlon class, and she constantly had to answer questions about how the filming was progressing. How does it progress in the new system?

“Well, everything is going according to plan, I think every month I’m getting a little better,” she tells us in Blanica while introducing the Slovenian Ski Federation national team. « Sure, it’s still far from the top level, but it’s a start, the progress is clear and I’m satisfied, » added the 27-year-old from Valburga.

Archery biathlon training Anamarija Lampič


The German has adapted well to the team: an interesting challenge with long-term goals

First, to Norway for the standard, then to OI in Turin

The athletes welcomed the cross-country championship with open arms, she currently has the status of an associate member of the national team A, has a new leadership of the chosen type with the new coach, German Rico Gross, at the helm of the big plans, does not hide her high ambitions, but first she will have to meet the criteria for participation in the World Cup.

So what is her plan in biathlon? How did you imagine her career path in biathlon? « I will definitely start in the ITF Cup, that’s what I have to do and I’m not the only one, » replies the always smiling player, realizing that she is starting from scratch. « In principle, I don’t even want to rush things, I want to start from where I belong in terms of capabilities and build slowly. We’ll see how it goes, but I don’t want to rush things, » before a new challenge, but also a clear goal.

“The long-term goal is definitely the Olympic Games in Turin in 2026,” he says, adding that it is also clear that he does not intend to go to the Games just to participate.

Miha Dovchan, Anton Vidmar, Polona Klimnicić, Lena Rybnik and Lovra Blanco


The priority is to win World Cup points. « I know I will, it’s just a matter of time. »

« Nobody thinks Anamariga didn’t work »

« In principle, the requirements are not very severe and you shouldn’t have any problems. Nobody thinks that Anamarija will not work, but it really should be achieved, » says Tadeja Brankovič of the Anamarija Lampič qualification standard.
Photo: Matic Klancic Village/Sportida

“Her first mission is to go to the ITF Cup, the first in Soswin, Norway. She has to adhere to the standards of the World Cup there. This is the gateway to the World Cup, if I may say so. Not everyone can make it to the World Cup,” said the head of the national team The National about the first goal of the new Slovenian biathlete Tadeja Brankovic.

The rule calculation is a little complicated, it depends on the competition in the ITF Cup matches, and Lampičeva will have to run fast enough and shoot with enough accuracy in the first sprint matches to be 20 percent slower than the winner, but she is in no hurry with the rule. The leadership of the national biathlon team is also taking a long-term view of the « Lambic Project ».

« In principle, the requirements are not very severe and you shouldn’t have any problems. Nobody thinks that Anamaria won’t work, but it really should be done, » says Brankovića, a former female athlete who found herself in a similar situation decades ago. Branković, who was lured into the biathlon ranks in 1995, revealed, « I was completely hostile to talent for photography. Excellent. But then I progressed. It would have certainly been easier for me with a little talent, but perseverance was crucial », along with Along with runners are Mateko Mohoric, Nosho Schipert, Alexandra Lanishek and Orsko Dolinar.

Lena Repink


She is the great hope of the Slovenian Biathlon Championship, but she is now « flat » among the juniors

Good news for the newcomer to biathlon

Brankoviceva retired from the sport in 2011 as the second best Slovenian athlete in history, which is good news for Lampičeva. This guy seems to have some archery talent. « At the moment, she seems to be shooting with 75% accuracy, which is great for a newcomer who’s only been doing this for half a year. With this relaxation, Anna gets around obstacles more easily, and she knows exactly what she’s getting, » says Brankovich optimistically.

Because of the transfer, tensions between disciplines have arisen again, and some have questioned why the best cross-country skater decided to move right before the Scandinavian World Championships in Blanica, one of the largest in Slovenian history, and the national biathlon is ready to give their new competitor the opportunity to temporarily return to the running tracks. . At first, she herself also talked about her ability to compete in the world championships at home, but recently things have become a bit complicated again.

Can she also perform in SP at Planica?

But another cross-country performance at WC in Planica?

But another cross-country performance at WC in Planica? « No, » Lampičeva bent.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

So will we see Lampičeva in Planica? “No, I said right away that I was switching to biathlon, and I really think there is no going back,” Guernica bent now. “I achieved my goals in cross-country skiing, except for the Olympic medal. I had planned for it, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. It may have happened by accident, but I felt like it was time to move on to biathlon. It happened, that’s what I wanted, I think That if I don’t decide, I’ll regret it in a few years, » he explains his point.

Do you feel like she’s going to miss an opportunity to extend her running career for another season? Indeed, it is difficult for many to understand that she was ready to give up her appearance at the World Championships on her home soil. “Yes, some of you may find it difficult to understand, but my main goal is the Olympics in Beijing. The Olympic medal is the last one I miss, and I have three world championships. That is quite enough for me. I don’t know, I think I will miss the start of this Olympic cycle For four years, such a transfer is not something anyone can ever do. It seems to me that this was the easiest option, and it is definitely something that will become complicated later on. Well, that is what it is.” answer.

Alex Caesar


Unmotivated and on the verge of depression last year, he’s back. « Reborn? That sounds very dramatic, but… »

The moment to move was right

« If she had to move, she picked the right moment. Because Rico came, who has experience with these transfers and has also succeeded with such competitors. If anyone can help her, it’s him. Things are set up perfectly, with the dice all assembled together. » The only question now is whether she will succeed in biathlon, says Brankovic of her high-profile transition time.

Transmissions of this type are not uncommon, but this one is special, as the cross-country champion decided to do it. « I don’t know, I can’t explain to myself, what it would be like if you were such a ‘best’ competitor and started from scratch somewhere else. I’m interested in what you would look like, » admits Brankovic. « This ‘I’m interested’ is what drives her forward and is her motive. The reality will be visible soon, » says the biathlon official, but despite all this, she warns that we shouldn’t expect much from Lampičeva too soon. « Realistically, we shouldn’t expect much in the first two years, of course, she can succeed in singles matches, but maybe there won’t be consistent results. But in four years, that’s also possible. »

The national team has the knowledge and experience of seasoned athletes, including Yakov Fak and new head coach Rico Gross.  |  Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

The national team has the knowledge and experience of seasoned athletes, including Yakov Fak and new head coach Rico Gross.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

« She’s interested in things, she asks a lot »

In the national biathlon team Lampičeva has all the support, information and experience of experts and more experienced colleagues are available in the national team, and the door to a temporary return to the cross-country ranks remains open for her, if she herself decides to do so. So. She takes biathlon seriously, is interested in things, and she asks a lot, Brankovica reports, but adds that Anamaria still has a big challenge ahead.

“It will be interesting to see how she adapts to different conditions. This is something new for her, as we know, she will have to get used to some things, especially the rifle, which ruins your running style, even the shortest of the seven and a half kilometer biathlon, the dynamics training is different. …these are of course going to be challenges for her, it would also be interesting to see what Psychic does when she comes into the competition as a champion, as initially she was probably going to rank 70, 80, 90, 100. He realizes it’s just a transitional period, a stage It’s unique, but if he starts touching you a little bit, you get nervous and lose confidence. It’s all in the head. »

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