"I got it wrong that the slope in Val Senalis is unforgivable"

« I got it wrong that the slope in Val Senalis is unforgivable »

Clement Bergant, the head coach of the men’s technical majors team, who has been in alpine skiing for many years, is always direct. Ahead of the winter opener, he spoke to us about San Kranjic. « If Jane is sixth, we should all be happy. If anyone could be unhappy with sixth place, it’s us and him. » As well as the injuries that affected the women’s team. « Andreja made a mistake as nothing would have happened on so many terrains, and the slope in Val Senales is unforgiving. »

Žan Kranjec


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Hadalin, Kranjic and Bergant |  Photo: Matic Klancic Village/Sportida

Hadalin, Kranjic and Bergant
Photo: Matic Klancic Village/Sportida

In the past few days, I have confirmed several times that Žan Kranjec can play in the opening match now, he is well prepared.
I want the competition season to start. We train hard. We go all over the world. We are preparing for what will start for us on Sunday. I look forward to that first match every year. An usually competes well in Sölden. He loves to compete and compare himself in workouts. He’s very reluctant to lose compared to the people we’re training with. Yes, it is very competitive. But it is not better then to compete as much as possible.

How important is this competitiveness really in training?
Since we are a small team, we also train with other teams. Also because the dynamic is a little different. I’m not the type to hide anything, carry runners a lot or wrap them in cotton wool. It is necessary to deal with the current situation as quickly as possible, so that something can be done before the match. We guys love competition, because if you don’t like competition, you have nothing to look for in competitive sports.

Racers already feel the butterflies before the first race, so what about you? After all these years in skiing.

Shaan Kranic finished third twice in the giant slalom at Sölden.  |  Photo: Gulliverimage / Getty Images

Shaan Kranic finished third twice in the giant slalom at Sölden.
Photo: Gulliverimage / Getty Images

What is Sölden Giant Slalom? Difficult for girls only?
Not really for men. In terms of terrain, Sölden is one of the easier giant meanders. It’s a tough game because it’s the first game, because it’s an ice game, because it’s more preparing for Saturday, so it’s less cold and it breaks more in the men’s game. As for the formation, it’s clearly flat at the top, then there’s a steep gate 15, and then again a long, long one to the end.

Sölden Glacier Rettenbach


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We’ve often said an is the best on tough terrain, and he’s always done well in Sölden, he’s already been third twice.
It has had a transformation in the past few years. In the races in which he competes well, he gains an advantage in the easiest and flatter sections. That’s how he also won the podium in the final round in a row at Sölden last year. Even at the Olympics, he beat his rivals in the second race where he was not the steepest. Well, well, it’s a little bit about the model skates he used last year, which were a little bit longer. Above all, it likes to be difficult to prepare. Not so much that it’s just very steep and very steep and very steep, but it’s very hard, it’s icy. Personally, I think he has a few problems on that basis, but his rival may have more.

Silver Medal |  Photo: Gulliverimage

silver medal
Photo: Gulliverimage

Last year, he confirmed that he wanted more consistent results again than he already had, when he was twice in fourth overall.
Yes, consistency is on top. I agree with him. You can always be in tenth place. If he’s constant like that, I’d rather have him on the podium twice a season. We want and try to make most of its ratings higher than last year.

The service changed last season. I wanted Rossignol to respond as well, so that the Žan skates would be competitive in all conditions. How is the day
Yes, we saw last year that he wasn’t competitive on all surfaces with the skate model he was using. This year, he also has a second model of skis, in case there’s a race like the one in the final, when it snowed all over the spring. Of course we have to choose wisely and rightly so that we make as few mistakes as possible so as not to make the wrong decision.

Now that he’s got an Olympic medal, would it be easier for him to compete psychologically?

Žan Kranjec


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At the same time, the global top is very wide, and the differences between competitors are small. Perhaps it would be impossible to name three who would ascend to the podium in Sölden?
We know that last year he was the main player in the giant slalom in Udermatt. We can choose it. But for all the rest, it is very difficult. We have to know that men use different materials on different grounds. They know that skating is completely different, for better or for worse. So a lot depends on what the race will be on Sunday, what the snow will be like, and which skates will have priority. When you see this, you can choose three contestants. Last year, only Odermatt was able to compete in every giant slalom with his Stöckli. Otherwise, the boys were from the podium to 17th and 20th places. The top is too wide. Well, that’s interesting, good for sports.

Maroft and Hadalin |  Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

Maroft and Hadalin
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

There is even more competition in slalom, as there were up to eight different winners last winter. Did you train for slalom more this year when Štefan Hadalin returned and Tijan Marovt joined the team?
Atef and Tajjan trained him a lot, and he worked as much as he had in previous years. We’re just under two months away from our first game, so we still have some time left. But we trained him in Argentina, and we were also in the gym. Stephan trained at Val Senalis last Thursday. However, Stefan’s starting point would be a little worse. Last year he started the season with No. 17, now he will have No. 35. But if he skates well, he could be No. 35. We know No. 36 won in Adelboden anything is possible. Often times, games turn on their heads in the second round. You only need to be in the second round. The assumption is that you skate well, and then the race can turn around.

Is mistletoe real old tef again?
Steve is fine. It works fine. He is training well. But there is a difference between training and a match. We’ll soon see how he reacts in the match or in December when matches start one after the other. I really hope he does well, enjoys what he’s doing and has fun especially on match day, that he’s going to compete.

What kind of software does Marovt have?

Can you work better and easier now that you have more competitors on your team?
I can’t say it’s easier. It’s different. There is more logistics, as it is necessary to take care of different workouts on the same day. this is good. Now there are ten of us on the team, before there were seven of us walking around. We had a similar program mostly. But this year, we have different types, both in the daytime and during the season. The mixture is good. It may work. I enjoy it.

Andrea Solcar


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Andrea Solgar Photo: Gulliverimage

Andrea Solcar
Photo: Gulliverimage

Also your point, since I’ve been in Slovenian skiing for a long time, about injuries on the women’s team. This is a great shock for Slovenian skiing.
Every injury hits a small team like the Slovenian team. Of course, other teams also suffer injuries, but there are more of them and it’s less obvious. it’s hard. But I will not draw any parallels in these three injuries. Metta Hrovat had an old injury, and Tina Rubinick was not so lucky that day in Saas-Fee when she was injured. With Andreja Slokar, it’s like that… In Val Senales, where you’re training, it’s hard, it’s really hard, and you can’t do anything wrong. I made a mistake as nothing will happen on many terrains, and the slope in Val Senales is unforgiving. Unfortunately, this happened. If it was just a cruciate ligament, it would come back quickly. Not yet this year. Doctors are now so gentle that the knee is at least as good, if not better.

Most likely, in case of injuries, he also puts pressure on other competitors and you, the coaches?
It’s definitely not easy, but these injuries are all around us all the time. This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen riders get injured. Unfortunately, this is also part of our sport. Everything should be done as a precaution to reduce the possibility of such an injury. However, we cannot rule out this possibility. The training environment is as safe as possible. That the contestants do not feel very tired during training. That the material is good, and the installation is relatively safe. But in the end, we’re asking the competitors to throw themselves and really be the fastest in training and to hit their limits. But this does not correspond to what I said first. It is necessary to find the right measure. It is almost impossible to isolate the damage. If you want to succeed in this sport, you have to go to the extreme, and when you reach the limit, there is a chance of injury.

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He shouldn’t feel obligated to save the Slovenian #video team



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