Infernal ordeal on the Slovenian coast #video

Infernal ordeal on the Slovenian coast #video

Just before the finish line, the marathon, Karen took on her final challenge, a ten kilometer run from Cooper to Piran. Although Marco cheered her up all the time and accompanied her on the non-electric scooter, the final descent was a tough test. She was helped by Luka Videtič, the best runner in the Slovenian ultramarathon, who knows very well how to deal with pain during long running tests and even eliminate it with the right motivation. What a psychological trick he revealed to her, read below.

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On her way to prepare for the goal of running a marathon, Marko, with the help of several experts, has outfitted Karin with tips that will definitely help her run a marathon. Helena Javornik, the Slovenian marathon record holder, helped Karin choose the right running gear, which they found at Intersport. Primo Kobe, the best Slovenian marathon runner, showed her the right running style. Vrineja Drašler, an excellent mountain runner and nutritionist, has taught her with extensive experience how nutrition affects athletic achievement. Peter Dakskobler, the organizer of the trail, took her across the beautiful streams of the Tolmen River and to the edge of Kozlov, where a beautiful view of Posočje awaited her. The strength training provided by the top rowers was too difficult for Karen and Marko, but Nega Krchinar, a top marathon runner, was in the right place at the right time with her idea.

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Here is the final episode of the Let’s Go series that reveals the secrets of psychological preparation for the running test. Marko invited the best Slovenian ultra marathon player, Luka Videtič, to this show, who gave Karen useful tips that can help all fans deal with pain and increase motivation to reach their goal.

Marco Roblick Photo: Photo: Anna Kovac

Photo: Photo: Anna Kovac

Marco Roblick He is a member of the Knights of Good Running Association, pioneer in barefoot running, co-founder of Nočna 10ka, one of the most popular running competitions in our country, video blogger, author of the popular running book Zagret za tek and organizer of numerous running events. In essence, he is a moderate person who bets on experiences rather than things. He is a husband and father of three young children, with whom he discovered the secrets of nature from a young age. It is easier to relax in the mountains or with the right company when touring Slovenia.

With his knowledge and multiple experts, he helps amateur runner Karen develop into a new running star.

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Luka Vidic From Isola is the best Slovenian ultra marathon player. He is the current national champion in the 100 km race and the national record holder in the 100 mile and 24 hour race. He also ran the Spartathlon and took 12th place. He is a regular participant in European and world championships, runs more than ten thousand kilometers a year.

A challenge that turned out to be quite a challenge

This time, Marco put Karen into a tough challenge, a ten kilometer run from Cooper to Piran. After all the many preparations and advice from famous Slovenian experts and runners, Karen was well prepared for the challenge. Before starting, she reinforced herself with a protein block from Lidl, then warmed up well.

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However, Marco took an easier route and accompanied Karen on the electric scooter while jogging. These are becoming more and more common, and you can find a good selection in Intersport stores, where friendly and experienced salespeople will help you with this.

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Since Luka Videti’s running goal was at home, the running test ended up being a grueling run. Marko also left Karen when she was overcoming the most difficult part of the road, as a result of which she lost motivation and barely passed the last part, which was also noticed by Luka Vidic. Since he himself, as an ultramarathoner, knows very well how difficult moments can happen in the long run, he gave her the tricks that enable him to overcome the most difficult moments more easily.

What do you do when it comes to nails and you really run out of motivation?

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Although he runs more than ten thousand kilometers a year, Luca has moments when he is tired, frustrated, wet in the rain, feels pain and even suffers injuries during matches. But he can handle his thoughts very effectively. As he himself says, it is important to confront him, let him rest and move on. « The pain always comes, but it also passes. The longer it goes, the more often it happens. » As Luca also said, this usually happens to runners once per marathon, but in ultramarathons these moments can be repeated up to ten times.

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The secret to successfully dealing with pain is setting closer goals. Instead of the end goal, set yourself several intermediate goals, which can also be very close, for example, run to the first light, maybe a curve, then to the next goal and so on. Long-distance goals can demoralize a person and seem difficult to achieve, so setting easier goals is more fun and better for motivation.

It is important to outdo yourself

According to Luke’s experience, which is not a little, runners should not worry about time in the marathon and ultramarathon. It is important to have a relaxed approach and understand that the goal should be to overcome yourself, to allow the runner to achieve something he previously thought he could not.

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« You should never give up, » Karen Luca advised. « Even when it’s hard, keep in mind why you’re doing it and what your goal is. This is to finish the marathon. If you can run, then run, if you can’t, just walk. It’s important not to give up. »

The longer you run, the better you will feel

Did you know that hormones, endorphins and cannabinoids are released into the bloodstream after a run? We call them feel-good chemicals, and that feeling of euphoria is called hostile euphoria. It relieves pain and rewards you for the work done. Best of all, the longer you run, the more cheerful you will be. Exhilarating running is the reason so many people become avid runners.

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Once you master climbing, it is doubly rewarding

The ten kilometer run, which ended with an uphill run, brought Karen a great deal of satisfaction. Not only did she beat herself up and was able to complete the entire route as well as the final climb, but she was also able to enjoy the wonderful view of the beautiful Slovenian coastline and breathe in the fresh sea air.

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