iRobot Roomba Combo J7 +

iRobot Roomba Combo J7 +

Floor cleaning. One of the most unpleasant tasks for many people. It makes a person tired and takes a lot of time. Especially if he wants to be subtle. However, there is a solution that does it all for you. He first cleans the floor and then washes it. This is the newest Roomba Combo J7+ robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot.

Not so long ago, we had to make time to clean the floor of the house. We usually save this trivial task for the weekend, where the floor had to be thoroughly vacuumed first, then we had to get down on our knees and rub it with a rag. This could take a few hours, and of course energy, not to mention the pain in the back and knees, which kept us staying on the couch for the rest of the day. All in all, nothing to envy on a weekend. This problem has been largely addressed and solved by robotic vacuum cleaners, which today are completely autonomous and also universal. However, the floor washing was still somewhat in the air.

A major turning point in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners
At iRobot, they came to help with this task some time ago with the Braava model, but although it is excellent at its « profession », simply buying a custom robotic dishwasher is not everyone’s choice. Especially for those who live in smaller apartments and who hardly find space for a robotic vacuum cleaner. Another important factor, of course, is the budget. Buying two robots for cleaning one apartment is a huge financial burden for many people, and they cannot afford it.

In recent years, compact robotic units have also appeared that can do both, such as vacuuming and washing, but practice has shown that they must be taken with a grain of salt. More than once, it turns out that they are not the most comprehensive. Either when vacuuming or when washing or both. Most of the time it was the washing that bothered them, most often they walked on the floor with a wet cloth, and the carpets were also a big problem for them. Well, at least it was until today. The newest iRobot Roomba Combo j7+ compact robotic vacuum cleaner successfully addresses and moves all of these problems. It is the first standalone device of its kind, it is efficient and comprehensive in both areas, and most importantly it gives its owner complete confidence. Yes, we have rugs here.

When is a combined robotic vacuum cleaner indispensable?
When we want more free time: If you want to keep your house clean constantly, it can take some time. With a robotic vacuum cleaner that does the vacuuming and washing for you, you can save on that.
When we have limited space in the house: Although in many places in the house you prefer to have two robots – one for vacuuming and one for washing – this is not possible in all homes, because they simply do not have enough space. The answer to that is a high-quality 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner that offers almost the same convenience.
– When we do not want to spend a lot: at first glance, we can say that the most advantageous option is to manually clean the floor yourself. However, if you add all the detergents, polishes, brooms, and mops, this may not be the case at all. Investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner can pay off quickly, and a combo model like the Roomba Combo j7+ may pay off faster.

What makes the iRobot Roomba Combo j7+ so special?
While similar competing products look for shortcuts and compromise, iRobot has taken a different approach – the best of both worlds. The new robot is designed on the basis of the J7 model, which is considered to be the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaner in general. Its specialty is the advanced PrecisionVision navigation system, powered by artificial intelligence.

Roomba j7 models feature a front-mounted smart camera that represents their eyes (no problem during the day, but at night the room should provide at least as much light as a full moon). Using a camera, these vacuum cleaners can detect various obstacles in their path, including « accidents » of pets, toys and cables (the number of things is constantly growing and there are now more than 80 in total). As a result, they manage to get past them and not turn them into a bigger mess. chaos, and at the same time they also inform the owner via the application in the form of an infographic what they have encountered.

For this advanced design, iRobot has now added an advanced lift cloth washer system. Unlike other compact robots, the Roomba Combo j7+ has a cloth stored on its « back », which practically means you don’t need to remove it when you just want to clean the apartment. For other compact robots, for example, the cloth is attached to the chassis, which in practice means that it is often rubbed on the floor, especially on thick carpets, even when not in use. So you have to take it off every time you don’t plan to wash it. This is not necessary with the new Roomba.

It’s like watching a « Transformer » live stream.
The Roomba Combo j7+ knows exactly what it needs to do at a given moment and works very orderly. Unless you specifically instruct him otherwise, he always begins by cleaning carpets and other floor surfaces first, and when the dust is removed, its retractable arms drop the cloth so that you can continue to wash the floor. When he notices the rug in front of him, he lifts the cloth and sets it in place, so as not to accidentally wet it where it is not desirable and necessary.

It is raised to a higher level by the integrated user experience, which allows for a truly comfortable management and handling of the robot. First of all, there is the iRobot OS and an app that allows you to set different specifications when cleaning, from cleaning specific places and at a specific time, to voice control via Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. The new Roomba understands more than 600 voice commands, more than any other compact vacuum cleaner.

In addition, it has another commendable and convenient function that Roomba Combo j7 does not have, since it does not have a base station – automatic cleaning of the litter box. After each vacuum cleaner, the Roomba Combo j7 + returns to its charging station, where in addition to providing power to the battery, it also empties its own trash via the built-in suction system. So you don’t have much to do with it. He will surely be your most hardworking pet.

What does all this mean in practice?
To be free! That vacuuming and washing made easy (and good) all at once. And when it’s time for cleaning campaigns, you can enjoy other things that actually make you happy. Go for a walk, watch a movie, or take the time to have a good dinner in a restaurant, and leave the hard work of vacuuming and showering for the person it was made for.


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