Mother Nature gave it to Bravo and Selji

Mother Nature gave it to Bravo and Selji

The opening match of the 14th round between Bravo and Selje was held in torrential rain, the people of Ljubljana won the first half 1: 0 in “water polo” conditions, then the match was interrupted due to the wet court. It will be played until the end of Monday. In the evening, Maribor and Demille will compete in the empty People’s Park. The leader will visit Olympia on Sunday, Nova Gorica, accompanied by coach Alberto Riera, who was disturbed by the behavior of the Maribor representatives in recent matches, especially their dissatisfaction with the refereeing.

Simon Seslar Svet Ceslar


By far the best thing that happened to Slovenian football

1. SNL Round 14:

Saturday 22 October:
Bravo: Celgy 1: 0 * (1: 0)
Flacus Bussilage 10.

* The match was stopped after the first half due to the wet field, and the match will resume on Monday at 4 pm.

20.15 Maribor – Domal

Sunday 23 October:
15.00 Queue – Mora
17.30 Gorica – Olympia

Monday 24 October:
17.30 Radomli – Cooper

Heavy rain that hit the Slovenian capital in the early afternoon formed the result of the opening game of Round 14 of SNL’s first. Bravo and Celje, the only Slovenian team in the first division to defeat Olympia this season, played only the first half, then the match was interrupted due to the impossible playing conditions at the AK Stadium. The competition administration will announce later the date of the second half.

He put the Brava players ahead in the 10th minute David Flachus Busilge. He scored from close range, before the ball slipped from the visiting goalkeeper’s hand Florian Raduha after the shot Mateja Kavcic. The young actor was happy to score his first SNL debut in the iškari jersey, which has already been a successful two-time cup competition this season.

In the continuation of the meeting, the wet pitch made it impossible for the footballers to play more concretely. The guests approached a tie in the 41st minute when the former Slovenian national team player was Denis Popovichwho scored in Selge’s last two games, played as a goalkeeper for Bravo Gal Lebbig Fink Then she shifted the ball to the crossbar.

The second half will take place on Monday. Sheshkar rarely loses to Selji at home, this has only happened once in six matches, but they were happy to win four times. It is interesting that the last six confrontations between Selge and Bravo always ended in a home win.

Olympia Maribor


Insults and torches, fans cost their club thousands of euros again

Domžale has already « changed » the Maribor coach this season

When Domžale beat Maribor in mid-August, Radovan Karanovic led the Violet for the last time.  |  Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

When Domžale beat Maribor in mid-August, Radovan Karanovic led the Violet for the last time.
Photo: Grega Valančič / Sportida

What happens with Maribor? After two narrow defeats to Cooper and Olympia, Vijolice lost the positive momentum that had been in the lead. Damir Krznar He began to earn more points and rise in the world rankings. They are currently only 5th, which doesn’t even lead to Europe. This time, they face a match at the Empty People’s Park, the result of a recent incident, when the assistant referee collected them during the match with Cooper. Coming in is Domžale, who has already made massive changes at Maribor this season. After the Yellow Dynasty won 3:2, he was left without a job Radovan Karanovic.

Maribor will play without suspended former defender Doumzal Sven Shostaric KaricThe Croats can start the match at the beginning of the match Marin Lausicwho scored as many as four goals in Tuesday’s cup win over Limbuska in the lower league (9:0), as well as the captain Martin Mellick. Josep Ilic He is not yet ready to perform, but his attendance at training sessions raises the enthusiasm of his teammates. On the other hand, the inhabitants of Domial lost victories without which they could not get rid of the lower half of the table. They have drawn three times in a row, and now they will try to help themselves on their way to the desired victory with the experience that current strategist Dumwall gained at People’s Park last season. Simon Roman. Thrilled to return to the top of the attack after lifting the penalty Evan Dordov.

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The legendary Brazilian with a Styrian heart is full of pride

Dako scored more than all the footballers in Tabor

Merlind Dako is SNL's top scorer.  |  Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

Merlind Dako is SNL’s top scorer.
Photo: Blaž Weindorfer / Sportida

The first league will start Sunday in Karst. Taboro is burning underfoot. It is the only club that has scored only number one goals. This is certainly not enough in the fight for survival, as after the opening 13 rounds it appears that the residents of Sežan are in a jerky battle with Gorica and Radomlje. Rajko Štolfa Stadium lost its status as a home fortress long ago. The Reds and Lions drop points at home as much as on a conveyor belt, so Morey, who has only upgraded in recent weeks, is the league’s top scorer. Thank Merlindwho has scored more than (10) goals from the entire team of Tabor combined (9), promises a good opportunity to improve the points tally.

Black and white drew attention to themselves during the week. First, with an unconvincing performance in the cup in the fourth league competitions in Gannicany, where they scored only the winning goal against 2:1 in extra time for the referee, and then with a resounding change in goalkeeping positions, when the Croatian was upset. Obradovic’s mother Replaced by former Olimpija captain and first SNL record holder Nijk Vidmar. When the Ljubljana native defended Domenali, he did not concede a goal for up to 1,002 consecutive minutes, and his record has been attacked this season by his teammate until recently. Matvey FedovskWhich is only 282 minutes away.



Vidmar from now on in Mora: I’m very satisfied

Can roses end the Witcher’s dream streak?

Matevž Vidovšek has yet to score in the 1st National League.  |  Photo: Vid Punicvar

Matevž Vidovšek has yet to score in the 1st National League.
Photo: Vid Punicvar

The stands are expected to be full in Nova Gorica when it hosts the Olympia. For a leading team that admires attacking football and the elements of surprise they want to use Albert Riera To the surprise of competitors, there is a lot of interest. In the city of roses, with the arrival of the new management, he became the first man in the club Urus BlacicaA positive wind blew. The fact that the four-time champions also improve is made clear by the point from the difficult visit to Bonifica (1:1). house captain Etienne the Great He could become the first football player to defeat Matevž Vidovšek at 1st SNL. In defeat (0:2) in Stožice, he lost almost impossible, this time he is sure that if he gets another chance like this, he will not miss it. During the week, Gorica was reinforced by a former member of the Olimpija Dennis Kleinard.

The Pioneering Dragon is coming to Nova Gorica to win. so in words Albert Rier They play every game. After the eternal derby, the Spaniard on the Olympic bench was amazed at how strong the Maribor representatives, especially the sporting director, were. Marco Oller, who was awarded a penalty due to violent protests against the referees in the eternal derby in Stožice and will not be allowed to play with Violet for two matches, complained about the referee’s decisions. It is believed that this should not be done, especially since the decisions that had the greatest impact on the outcome of the match were taken after the intervention and watching the video of the VAR. According to the dragon trainer, this helps the referees to make the most fair decision.

Maura Cooper


Olympia with Lyutomyr, Maribor with Krka, the lottery went to Celje and Mora

The Spaniard was upset that the people of Maribor did not protest in this way for the first time. They have already done so in their first ever derby at People’s Park, as well as in the twelfth round after their home defeat to Cooper. He also found reviews from the Maribor camp strange, saying that violets equal Olympia. A look at the table and the stats of the last derby testify to a different balance of power. Olympia does not lack the motivation to prove that she deserves the first place due to her achievements on the green, but it is not possible to get gifts from the judges. Compared to Gorica, they are also active in the cup, as they easily beat the fourth league team of Ivana Gorica on Wednesday.

Generala Kobra for the derby in Stožice

Zoran Zelikowicz is very excited against Radomli this season.  |  Photo: Vid Punicvar

Zoran Zelikowicz is very excited against Radomli this season.
Photo: Vid Punicvar

The last match of the 14th round will be held in the Sports Park in Domžale. Radomli found himself in a crisis of a big score, they did not win as many as ten rounds, nor did they succeed in the cup, being eliminated in the confrontation against the last finalists Bravo. Fitness Trainer Nermin Bashi He is still convinced that the football gods will be better suited to Radomelian in the future and can sooner or later pull them out of the crisis, but they still have a difficult task ahead of them on Monday.

Enthusiastic visitors from Cooper are coming, and the millers did not leave a pleasant memory after the very painful defeat at Bonifica (1:3), which lost their best position in the title fight with only a few laps left. spring. They have already retaliated against them once, this season they beat Radomlian 5-0 at home, and now they want to thwart their plans away from home, thus also maintaining their position just below the top, as they are far from having the last word. in the struggle for supremacy. The win will interest them even more, because in the next round they have a derby, a visit to the flagship Olympia.

Top scorers:

10 – Merlind Dako (Mora),
7 – Andrei Kotnik (Cooper),
6 – Ivan Durdov (Domkal), Martin Kramaric (Bravo), Mustafa Nokic (NK Olympia),
5 – Rocco Baturina (Maribor), Charles Chokobwekim Ikuwemisi (Selji),
4 – Mario Kvesi (Olimpija), Roy Pedro (Olimpija), Jan Repas (Maribor), Svit Sešlar (Olimpija), Jakoslav Stankovi (Tabor), Etien Velikonja (Gorica)

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