For the first time in a Porsche: "Damn, how hard is the clutch"

For the first time in a Porsche: « Damn, how hard is the clutch »

Porsche is the car that he secretly drove when he was still racing with other Formula 1 teams. He first sat in it in 1994 – Mark Webber.

Today, an Australian is 46 years old Mark Webber He achieved global fame behind the wheel of Formula 1 racing cars – winning nine races with Red Bull Racing. After completing his career as a Formula 1 driver, he remained in sports racing, becoming a multi-time champion and winner of the World Endurance Championship with the Porsche 919 Hybrid model.

“People love reliable things. I can drive my Porsche 911 anytime, in any weather, in any condition. This is typical of all Porsches. My wife, sister, and even my mother drive a Cayenne. They really are cars for every occasion.” He recalled at an event in a hotel in Ljubljana Mark Webber. Slovenia is no stranger to the latter, and he loves to return to the sub-country.

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« I was in Slovenia years ago for a motocross race and stayed in the same hotel with my wife, I can say it’s a really nice city (Ljubljana, op) and would love to come back, » It is to explain.

My love for Porsche goes back to my teenage days

“I sat in a Porsche for the first time in 1994, when I had a very short time to take a test drive (it was 18 at the time, p.). It was a Carrera, my dad’s friend’s car, and I remember saying, ‘Oh my God, this The clutch is very rigid. But I love the sound, the sitting position, and the responsive engine. » He remembered love at first sight Mark Webber. In a hotel in Ljubljana, he was especially pleased with one of the faces he had seen so often during his career as a Formula 1 driver – we are talking about a former Formula 1 commentator. Miran Alicic. « I saw some friendly faces from the old days. It’s good to be here. » He said shortly after chatting with the Slovenian for some time.

He also revealed that he had been flirting with Porsche even before he became a world-famous racer. And sometimes he drove it a little secretly, he admitted. « I was lucky. I was a Porsche customer before, and became an ambassador for them. When I was racing in Formula 1, I was racing for other brands, but I was secretly buying Porsche, » Webber remembered his first dates with Porsha with a smile on his face. Later, his big wish came true, as he was invited to race by the Porsche team, and it is clear that he could not refuse this offer.

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“Of course I was a huge fan of the brand, and would buy 911s. When I finished racing Formula 1, Porsche called me if I was going to race at Le Mans. It was a perfect transition from Formula 1 racing to sports car racing” Australian noted. Webber often participates in various promotional events, where he tests sports cars in front of spectators and journalists. “We racers always ask how much power a car has, but for us it also matters the shape of the brakes, and how much the car weighs. Weight is very important. If you look at Porsche’s ride, you can see that it has managed to reduce the weight with high-quality materials,” Weber, who today serves as an ambassador for the brand, noted. With great passion, enthusiasm and love for Porsche cars, he succeeded very well. With his card, he will surely convince you in a face-to-face conversation that a Porsche is a car you should buy.

He described racing from Bahrain in 2015, when Porsche won the world championship in the FIA ​​WEC class, as one of the best memories of his rich career. “It was a team effort because the mechanics had to do an incredible job, some even got burns, they really walked a fine line for us. We wanted to do the job for them, it was all really emotional and stressful. Then the champagne….no, didn’t There was no champagne in Bahrain, only rose water.” The 46-year-old concluded.

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