Bostertal, from the bottom of the stream, wreaked havoc on the Tivoli ice with seven targets

Bostertal, from the bottom of the stream, wreaked havoc on the Tivoli ice with seven targets

SŽ Olimpija lost for the first time this season without scoring a goal.  Photo:

SŽ Olimpija lost for the first time this season without scoring a goal. Photo:

A few days ago, Postertal was also the first player in the league to change coach. While that Stefan Meyer Lead the team Phil Horsky. The shot ratio was 43:34 in Ljubljana’s favour, but only his goals conceded in Tivoli.

The guests surprised the Dragons, who suffered their biggest defeat of the season, right from the start. They turned the most dangerous first actions into goals in the fourth and eighth minutes. It was successful both times Philip Ahl. Olimpija attacked, but couldn’t stop the visiting defense, which is why Pustertal scored again at the end of the opening period. Record on the counterattack Olivier Arcambault.

Mitja Sevic He made a substitution after the first half in the goal, instead Jane United States I entered the game Anthony Moroni. But this did not change the situation on the ice. The local hockey players had the upper hand and a few shots, but without any real impact. On the other hand, Pustertal continued to be very effective. In the 37th minute, the scoreboard was already 0: 4 when he scored Mark Oliver Roy.

The Ljubljana people missed two more « power games » and then at the end of the second half had two players on the penalty bench, and Bostertal converted their 5-to-3 advantage to lead 5-0 five seconds into the game. rest time. He was among the shooters Emil Christensen.

In the final third, the Dragons failed to capitalize on even half a minute of play with two players remaining on the ice. For the goal, the guests shook the net two more times. 30 seconds after the start of the last period, he took advantage of his numerical advantage Aaron Bradley LowchockAnd put the final touch on the big victory 15 minutes before the end Rafael Andergasin. Vienna coming to Tivoli on Friday.

Šivic: This defeat can also be a very good thing

“This defeat can also be a very good thing. It’s time to wake up. If you are not prepared to the maximum for a match in this high-quality league, such a defeat will happen. Before every game you have to be a little scared so that you can focus as much as possible after That. I prefer seeing a defeat with a ratio of 0:7, a minimum defeat with a 2:3 can often be misleading,” The coach thought after the match Mitja Sevic.

In February, in Tivoli, Znojmo celebrated with 8:0

Last Sunday, he defeated the then-leading Olympia in Tivoli Bolzano 5:2 with a superb performance. After winning in Graz after a penalty shootout on Friday (2:3), the worst performance of the season was Sweetness.

“It is not the first time this has happened to us. In February we lost to the Eagles from Znojmo with 0:8, then we won three times in a row. There are nights when things do not go well. The preparation for the match was not quite right. It was not We have to concede the third goal in the first half. A lot can happen at 0:2. Everything went wrong and in the last third we were all waiting for the match to finish.” Added Dragon Strategist.

It was not known who was the main referee and who was the assistant referee

In the second half, the referee angered the spectators Miha Bite As well as the assistant referee who showed the penalty even though it is not his job.

“In this match, it was not known who the referee was and who the assistant referee was. Previously, the referee did not give us a clean foul for a penalty, then Jako Sudja was suspended on the ground for five seconds, then he was hit by a puck and now he has a broken nose. Our night was not And the referees didn’t have a good night either. A lot of things went wrong, Aleksandr Magovac hurt his ankle and he’s going to be out for a long time. Now we have to analyze the match to see what stupid things we did. » Civic concluded.

Twelfth round:
0:7 (0:3, 0:2, 0:2)
900; Ahl 4, 8, Arcambolt 20, Roy 37, Christensen 40, Loschuk 41, Andergasen 45.

vehrvar – Linz 2:1

Vorarlberg – Vienna 2: 4

Asiago – GRADEC 2: 3

egg white – Salzburg 1: 3

bad – KAC ELOVEC 4: 3

Lestvica:                     * x     
BOLZANO                 11  8 0 0 3 24
LINZ                    12  7 1 0 4 23
SALZBURG                 9  7 0 0 2 21
INNSBRUCK               10  6 0 1 3 19
DUNAJ                    9  6 0 0 3 18
BELJAK                  11  5 1 0 5 17
FEHERVAR                12  5 0 2 5 17
SŽ OLIMPIJA             10  4 2 0 4 16
KAC CELOVEC             10  4 1 0 5 14
GRADEC                  11  3 1 2 5 13
PUSTERTAL               11  3 0 0 8  9
VORARLBERG              10  2 0 1 7  7
ASIAGO                  10  2 0 0 8  6
* - zmaga po podaljšku/kazen. strelih 
x - poraz po podaljšku/kazen. strelih 

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