We tested the Mate 50 Pro

We tested the Mate 50 Pro

When you get a phone of premium origin, it is always a very special experience. Especially if on paper it promises developments that we have not yet seen. And that is exactly what the Huawei Mate 50 Pro stands for, which is the pinnacle of Huawei’s technical know-how. But before we get to the heart of the device, let’s clear something up first. Myths, if not outright lies, surround Huawei phones that spread even from the mouths of salespeople of operators. Huawei phones have Google. Or, more precisely, access to Google services and apps. And these are not just for hackers experts, but anyone can access them in a very easy way.

Easy for Google and its applications
Although there are several ways to access it (even the most advanced and demanding), we will highlight only one and perhaps the most convenient for the average user. It is a standalone Gspace app that can be found in Huawei AppGallery. Once installed, it opens the door to the world of Google. In other words, the door to the world of the Play Store and thus to all the applications out there. In Gspac, in addition to the Play Store, you’ll actually find plenty of shortcuts to some of the most popular apps, including Gmail, YouTube, Drive cloud, Chrome browser, Google Maps, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. So you just have to click on it and install it. You can also move their shortcuts outside of the Gspace environment to your phone’s home desktop. We would also like to point out here that Google apps work normally and without any restrictions (at least we didn’t encounter them), i.e. just like in Android phones. That is, you are signed in with your Google account. This means that if you rent one of their services, for example YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, you will also have uninterrupted access to it on Huawei phones.

Perhaps a brief explanation of how this thing works. Gspace is already creating a virtual environment that simulates an Android phone. So it’s a bit like accessing a virtual desktop on another device, even though everything actually happens on your phone. Of course, the solution also has some drawbacks, but these do not significantly affect the user experience. In fact, the only drawback that confused us a bit was saving the files on the device itself, or to the Google Cloud. When, for example, you are taking photos, those photos will not be uploaded to Google Photos, even if the application is installed through the Gspace environment. The same goes for the files you want to transfer from the Google cloud to your device. For example, some Word or PowerPoint documents. It won’t appear below the files downloaded to your phone, but you’ll still be able to access it through dedicated apps, in this case Word or PowerPoint.

However, you can also access Google services directly through a browser, for example, on your computer. And you can also use « google » and access the Internet without any restrictions. This is another myth spread by word of mouth among uneducated users and even experts who work professionally with mobile phones. Ugh, we had to put this on paper, because there were a lot of irregularities and doubts reported about Huawei phones. The truth is that you can use them naturally. Sometimes you just have to take a turn.

When it comes to photography, it is second to none, day or night
As for the perfection of hardware and elegance, there were no doubts about Huawei, not even today. The Mate 50 Pro is a very advanced phone in all respects, a true « beast ». Maybe let’s start with her camera array, because that’s where she really shines. It’s safe to say that thanks to his photographic capabilities, he leaves the entire competition far behind in the rearview mirror. A special feature is the 10-stage adjustable f/1.4-f/4.0 aperture, which also automatically adapts to lighting conditions and searches for the optimal setting. In practice, this means that you have more wiggle room when taking photos in different lighting conditions, and as a result, you can take better photos. Of course also at night. On the other hand, it is probably true that only a few people, those budding photography enthusiasts who pay attention to detail and strive for perfection, will participate in it. But this does not mean that ordinary users will be disappointed. Threads under misc. The Mate 50 Pro is built to please both. Although professionals will get the most out of it, its images will impress even the average user who just wants to « click » a little now and then.

The main sensor has a resolution of 50 megapixels, and it is accompanied by a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. One provides detailed wide-angle capture, while the other provides excellent close-up (macro) portraits and portraits. It is worth noting that the Mate 50 Pro allows 200x magnification. The image of the latest Huawei phone can only be praised in any situation. Inside, outside, day and night. The images are clear, colorful and contrasting. Above all, they radiate the authenticity of the landscape. The front camera also follows this trend and is excellent for taking photos and recording videos. Supports resolutions up to 4K and wide angle.

Biggest muscles
If we scroll down a bit inside the phone, we will find a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, which is a bit more advanced and faster than the competition. So the Mate 50 Pro « crunches » everything you put in its path. During our testing, he didn’t even pant for a moment, everything worked without any stuttering or overheating. Including more hardware-requiring games, such as the action game PUBG. The screen of the phone is also huge, which makes it ideal for enjoying all kinds of modern multimedia content. When traveling, it can easily act as a mini TV for watching series and movies on Netflix or any other similar streaming platform.

The phone also exceeds the life of its battery with a capacity of 4700 mAh. In our testing, the phone lasted more than a day without a charger, despite the fact that we quite honestly showered it with various tasks and ran here and there. It also impressed us with its external resistance. First of all, it is also water and dust resistant according to the IP68 standard, which promises protection to a depth of 6 metres. Then there is the drop resistance of the special orange version of the phone that we tested, but unfortunately it will not be available in Slovenia. This glass contains a special Kunlun glass, which is made up of billions of nanometer crystals and makes it more flexible and resistant to falling. Last but not least, this is also confirmed by the five stars on the Swiss company SGS certification, making it the first phone with such evidence.

The best phone on the market?
Not to mention the attractive look provided by the orange vegan leather on the back. In general, all versions of the Mate 50 Pro – which will be available here in black – are aesthetically perfect and emphasize proportion. In any case, it is one of the most beautiful phones today also thanks to its attractively designed set of cameras in a circular shape, or, as they say for Huawei, the shape of a space ring. They got inspiration for it there. And if you look at it as a whole, you can really tell it’s something out of space. It is a relentless phone designed for the user who wants the best in every aspect. He is willing to pay for it. For the Mate 50 Pro you have to pay 1,300 euros without a prescription. Is it worth it? Everyone has to answer that for themselves. But keep one thing in mind: you definitely won’t be disappointed.


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