The winners are Ethiopians Abraha Werga, and the best Slovenes, Roc Pohar and Katja Martinsek.

The winners are Ethiopians Abraha Werga, and the best Slovenes, Roc Pohar and Katja Martinsek.

Gebritsadik Abraha (left) on his way to victory.  Photo:

Gebritsadik Abraha (left) on his way to victory. Photo:

The 30-year-old Abraha ran to the finish line alone, and at the end of the race it was a tempo so good that the other runners couldn’t follow it. Eritrea took second place Tesfaye Ghebreeb (2:07:12) and the third is Kenyan Langat Leonard (2:08:05).

It was the best Slovenian Rock Pohar In sixth place (2:20:49) and thus is the national champion. Simon Navodnik (2:26:56) He ran to the finish line one place behind him. He placed 3rd in DP overall, 9th Matic your mood (2:36:52).

So far, the fastest Ethiopian in Ljubljana was Sisay Lemma Kasaye in 2018 (2:04:58).

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Three African women also took first place in the women’s category

Among the women, an Ethiopian woman celebrated winning by setting a course record Siransh Dani Yarga (2:21:08), defeating former Kenya Player of the Year Burnis Chepkiroy Kittor of 2019 by 18 seconds. The other was her compatriot Lötgen Sentai Helmichael (2:22:36) The third is a Kenyan woman Janet Gichombe Rogoro (2:25:34).

She had the best time for a Slovenian woman Katja Martinsek (3:07:01), took sixth place. He went to second place in the DP Nina Deman (3:12:40), it was tenth in all. I got to the stage again Vesna Dolink (3:13:04), which ranked eleventh.



The Hungarian set a record in Ljubljana, with a record of 21 km

Become a National Half Marathon Champion Anya Fink A very good time 1:12:45. She was also an absolute winner. By two and a half minutes, she had improved her personal record, which she ran in Zagreb in March (1:15:15).

In the case of men, in the absence of Primo Cupet, he ran towards the title of National Champion Hafner Domain (1:08:06). The street record for Ljubljana was set by a Hungarian Leventy Szmere (1:04:08) while Hefner took second place.

Blaž Orešnik (1:09:40) was third in the overall standings and second in the Slovenian competition, followed by Jošt Žnidaršič (1:09:57) who won the bronze medal in the DP.

Anya Fink was followed by Nia Krchinar (1:14:19). Croatia’s Anna Stifolge (1:16:40) took third, while Jasmina Petamek Vojska took fourth, thus winning bronze in the DP World (1:19:15).

The winner of the Abraha race is the second fastest marathon in the history of Ljubljana

Who was the fastest at 10 km?

He won in 10 km Ahmed Al-Mazouri (30:19) An Italian actor of Moroccan descent. The next two places on the podium were occupied by Slovenes Domin Dornik (31:10) and Tilin Dubnikar (31:36).

Among the female athletes, the first three women from Slovenia were in the 10km run, Lisa Kneading (35:05) beat Lea Haler (35:44) and Orshka Martinique (35:59).

About 10,000 runners on the roads on Sunday

The Ljubljana Marathon organizers have postponed the competitive competitions to an hour earlier, also due to the more favorable temperatures for running. The start for the 42 and 21 kilometers was at 9:00 AM, and the 10 kilometer runners started at 9:45 AM. A total of 10,084 male and female runners were registered in Sunday’s competitive races.

The marathon runs again in one round, all starts were at Slovenska cesta, and the finish line was on Kongresni trg. According to the organizers, about 14,000 runners have registered for the largest sporting and leisure event in Slovenia. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the marathon is not yet back to antiquity in terms of scale, with more than 20,000 runners participating in total over the two days.

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Voter turnout as of 11:00 a.m. 13.63 percent

Presidential Election Day Marathon

This year’s marathon coincides with the first round of elections for the president of Slovenia. At the same time, the marathon organizers ensure that they, along with the election organizers, have ensured as smooth access to polling stations as possible.

Use of LPP buses is free all Sundays, as is parking in the P + R car parks. Transportation is also provided to the omnia polling station in Gospodarski raštavišče, and transportation by electric vehicles is also available in the city Kavalir.

Organizers call: walk to the polls

It is better to go to the polling station on foot, only when crossing certain roads you have to wait a little. Volunteers, police officers, firefighters, and guards provide crossings everywhere, including intersections in the Marathon Road area.

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On the day of the presidential election, there will be prisons all over Ljubljana because of the marathon. Access to polling stations will not be obstructed

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